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BB-8 gizmodo

Weekly tech news roundup: February 24

This week: new toys coming (including what might be the best BB-8 toy EVER), high-tech hair dye that gives you chameleon-like hair, multiple pieces of BIG NASA news, Insta will be rolling out a new feature, and human exoskeletons aren't just in the movies anymore,
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New messenger_FB

Tech news roundup for June 17

This week: Facebook Messenger gets a new home screen, Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn makes people fear Clippy's return, and Xbox shows off a new console coming in August. Also find out (fast) what 13 things Apple unveiled at their annual conference, check out the best video game trailers shown at E3, and take a peek at Knocki—our Kickstarter of the week.
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Tech news roundup for June 10

This week: new cars you probably can't afford (but man do they look gooooood), 33 million Twitter passwords and usernames were stolen, and Google's co-founder is placing big bets on flying cars. Also check out a new Bluetooth toothbrush, get the scoop on a possible folding OLED phone coming next year, and find out what's being rumored for Apple's conference next week.
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Tech news roundup for May 27

This week: Pebble introduces a really affordable smartwatch, a stair-climbing wheelchair gets a new lease on life, and Twitter now lets you blather a teeny bit more. Also, Microsoft "streamlines" their smartphone unit, the world's first smart ear plugs hit the market, and more.
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Tech news roundup for March 25

Some top tech news highlights for the week: Apple rolls out new-ish stuff, Pebble smartphone trims their staff, McDonald's is rolling out VR googles using a Happy Meal box, and how to score a Tesla 3. If that wasn't enough, score free Nik photo editing software and check out a $99 portable 3D printer that works with your smartphone!
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