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TDS and Earth Day: A half century in the making

Fun fact: TDS and Earth Day are almost the same age. Just as customers' appetite for new technology has grown, so has the need for environmental consciousness and stewardship. In honor of this year's Earth Day theme, we're sharing tips on how you can help endangered species today, and every day.
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How to make every day Earth Day

How long it takes for a plastic water bottle to decompose? Believe it or not, it takes 450 years or more. In 2017, the average American used 167 plastic water bottles, but only recycled 38 of them. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, these bottles and other forms of plastic waste find their way into oceans and landfills across the globe, endangering the lives of humans and wildlife alike.
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Recycle your electronics, protect the earth

Hiding that old cell phone or power supply in your garbage bag might seem like a good idea today, but it’s not in the long run. Learn how you can recycle your e-waste and help save the earth this Earth Day.
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