Here are the details about how to get state-of-the art TDS Fiber in Stoughton

As you know, we’ve been busy building in the Stoughton community all summer long.

You’ve been seeing us burying orange conduit, pulling miles and miles of fiber, and installing the small, green pedestals in yards. Hopefully you’ve also been seeing us at Wellness Wednesdays, and saw that we’ve stepped up and donated $5,500 to help Stoughton non-profits during this pandemic.

In other good news, your patience during the build process will soon be rewarded with state-of-the-art fiber internet, fantastic TV, and reliable phone service. We thought we’d take a few moments to answer some frequently asked questions because we know you’re as excited as we are:

When is it launching?

The whole Stoughton community won’t launch at once. Instead, availability will roll out gradually, area by area. When it will be available at your home will depend on where your neighborhood falls in the launch schedule. If you visit and enter your address, you’ll see the most current info. First, you’ll see a season, and then as our construction timeline becomes more certain, you’ll see the month when we expect services to launch.

What makes fiber different?

Fiber-optic technology uses light to transmit information. Light not only travels fast, it’s also very efficient. That means it can carry loads of information—thousands of times more than copper wire. This is what is referred to as bandwidth, and fiber has oodles. It’s like having a really fat internet pipe hooked up to your home or business. This is why, when you have fiber service, you won’t notice slowdowns or lags, no matter what you or your neighbors are doing online.

Is the internet really that much faster?

Yes, it is. TDS Fiber internet download speeds start at 300Mbps and go up to 1Gig (or 1,000Mbps) for home service—and up to 10Gig connections are available for business. Better yet, the upload speeds are similarly fast—up to 400Mbps, depending on which package you choose. But don’t take our word for it. Use any download calculator and compare what a difference fiber makes:

HD Movie

  • 600Mbps fiber connection: 1 minute
  • 60Mbps connection: 9.5 minutes

A 4-minute song (4MB)

  • 600Mbps fiber: instantly
  • 60Mbps: 1 second

Or what about upload speeds?

A YouTube video (500MB)

  • 400Mbps fiber: 10 seconds
  • 60Mbps: 1.9 minutes

All of those minutes and seconds saved make TDS Fiber the service you want if you’re looking for a fantastic internet experience.

Is the service reliable?

The technology is built to last. Although fiber-optic cable is made from fine strands of glass, it has superpowers. It is nearly immune from interference and is more resilient in harsh weather conditions. Even better, the cable is less likely to kink or snap than other technologies, because the outer coatings include fiberglass and Kevlar. Additionally, this is the technology of the future. Although the equipment powering the network may change, the infrastructure—the fiber itself—is world class.

Is the company reliable?

We’re a local company that’s been around for more than 50 years. TDS is headquartered right in Madison, and our parent company is run by our founder’s son. We already have lots of employees who call Stoughton home and we chose to come here for a reason—we think Stoughton is as great as you do! Just as important, one of our founding principles is giving back to the communities we serve. We’ve been co-sponsoring Wellness Wednesdays (in partnership with Level Up Fitness and Pancake Café) and although we were looking forward meeting you at Syttende Mai, as we said, we gave to local charities instead.

How do I get the best deal for TDS Fiber in Stoughton?

Register! When you sign up at before services in your neighborhood launch, you get all of the very best offers. You’ll get free installation, free HD for life, no contract, and priority installation. If you wait, you won’t get all of this so now is the perfect time to sign up. The $25 registration will be credited on your first bill.

Why do I have to register?

Beyond locking in the best offers available, the $25 lets us know you’re interested in having a fiber build in your neighborhood. You’ll also be at the front of the line for installation when services become available. The $25 will applied to your first bill as a credit when your fiber service is installed. If, for any reason, your neighborhood is not approved, your $25 will be refunded to you. Feel free to encourage your neighbors to register by sharing the personal link in your registration confirmation email. When you do and they sign up, you’ll be entered in to a monthly drawing for an Amazon gift card!

I have installation questions—where do I get answers?

We gathered frequently asked questions about the installation process all in one place. Take a peek to learn about what you can expect when we bury the cable in your yard, and what you need (and don’t need) to worry about.

How much does it cost?

Well, that all depends on what services you’d like to enjoy. After you enter your address at, you can explore all the options and pricing. But, just to take one example, 300Mbps (which has 300Mbps upload speed) is $40/mo. stand alone, or only $35/mo. when you bundle with just one other service!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! We look forward to getting everyone connected to TDS Fiber and we’re thrilled to part of the community.


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  1. How can I pre register for service on Tracy Ln Stoughton, Wi 53589?

    • Robert, visit, select residential service, and enter your information to learn how to register. Thanks for your interest!

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