It’s natural to have questions about TDS Fiber service. In fact, in many cases people have the same ones.

Here are some common questions we heard—and the answers—to help put your mind at ease and help demystify the build and installation process.

I have a sprinkler system/electric dog fence—should I mark it?
Yes. Location services will only mark the utilities that cross public rights-of-way. Sprinkler systems and dog fences, along with propane tanks, septic systems, and ornamental lighting (just to name a few), are considered private lines since they’re fully contained on your lot.

Why won’t you locate my sprinkler system/dog fence before you start work?
Sprinkler systems and dog fences are considered private lines since they’re fully contained on your lot. Other examples of private lines include: propane tanks, septic systems, and ornamental lighting. Location services will only mark the utilities that cross public rights-of-way.

But I don’t know where all the pipes are for my sprinkler system—what should I do?
Go ahead and mark the sprinkler heads.  That step is still very helpful and gives us a lot of information. That said, if we do accidentally hit something we shouldn’t have, we’ll let you know what happened and we have materials in our trucks to make the repair on the spot.

If service isn’t available yet, why are you burying a line in my yard?
You registered for service. In the terms, you’ll see that you agreed to let us bury the line. That said, we do email you before we do any work and you have the option to opt out if you wish. Just know that if you choose to not let us pre-bury a line, it could take longer for your services to be installed when you’re ready.

The cable to my house hasn’t been buried yet—what gives?
We do our best to beat the winter freeze and get fiber lines buried ahead of time, but that isn’t always possible. In the spring, once your municipality says it’s okay for us to be working (some have ordinances in place where we can only dig during certain dates) and the ground isn’t too wet (we don’t like to make messes in yards), we’ll get it buried as soon as we can. For more information about this topic, check out our blog titled: When will you bury the fiber cable in my yard? 

Will burying the line to my house mess up my yard?
It shouldn’t. The equipment we use cuts a slit in the ground and inserts the cable, safely “zipping” it in below the surface of your yard (unless for whatever reason the cable has to be buried by hand). Also, we avoid burying cables when the ground is too wet—mud pies are fun for kids, but they’re not our style.

Is fiber internet really that much faster?
Yes, it is. TDS Fiber internet download speeds start at 300Mbps and go up to 1Gig (or 1,000Mbps) for home service—and up to 10Gig connections are available for business. Better yet, the upload speeds are similarly fast—up to 400Mbps, depending on which package you choose. But don’t take our word for it. Use any download calculator and compare what a difference fiber makes:

HD Movie

  • 600Mbps fiber connection: 1 minute
  • 60Mbps connection: 9.5 minutes

A 4-minute song (4MB)

  • 600Mbps fiber: instantly
  • 60Mbps: 1 second

Or what about upload speeds?

A YouTube video (500MB)

  • 400Mbps fiber: 10 seconds
  • 60Mbps: 1.9 minutes

All of those minutes and seconds saved make TDS Fiber the service you want if you’re looking for a fantastic internet experience.

How much does it cost?
Well, that all depends on what services you’d like to enjoy. After you enter your address at, you can explore all the options and pricing. But, just to take one example, 300Mbps (which has 300Mbps upload speed) is $40/mo. stand alone, or only $35/mo. when you bundle with just one other service!

Do I need a special phone to use TDS Fiber’s voice service?
Nope. You can use the phone(s) you’ve always had and the added bonus? If you have TDS TV, you’ll get on-screen Caller ID so you know who’s calling in the middle of your show/game.

Do I need set-top boxes with TDS TV+?
You’ll need one box from us, but any other TVs in your house can use an Amazon Fire Stick or other device. Read more information about TDS TV+.

We hope these answers help answer your questions about TDS Fiber’s world-class service. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our helpful customer service representatives will be happy to help!


Updated 4/16/2021 with updated TDS TV+ information


  1. what gig /mb do I need to run security and camera plus 3 cells; 3 computers; 1 printer; scan n cut?

    • Emily, if you give our reps a call they can talk you through what speeds options are available to you—both download and upload—and help you hone in on the one you think will work best.

  2. Will TDS continue to put a smile on my face?

    When TDS let me know 1gb Fiber internet was coming to my area this past summer, Halls Crossroads TN, I smiled. 400 mbps upload speed, I smiled. When TDS came out to my house and hooked me up, I smiled. When I walked into the Comcast office and asked them to turn off my internet/service, they asked me if I was moving and I replied, Oh no, I’ve been offered a much better product at a lower price. The expression on the young mans face made me smile all the way back to my car. Thank you TDS, from a customer of 17 years.

  3. Right now I have a tds bundle,pc tv, phone. If I request for fiber service, do I have to pay extra
    or is it free? My neighbor got it for free.

    • Priscilla, give our customer service team a call at 1-888-225-5837 and they can check on that for you. Thanks for being a TDS customer!

  4. Can I receive your services with the phone service. We strictly use our cell phones and haven’t had a land line in 15 years and are not looking to get one.

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