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Have some fun! Hallmark bingo 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 has been somewhat of a dumpster fire. This not-so-awesome reality has many of us looking for a fun (and safe) mental break in the form of escapist entertainment—and there’s not much more escapist than Hallmark movies!

Despite the pandemic, Hallmark has managed to film 40 (yes, 40) brand-new holiday movies. These started airing 24/7 on both Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries before Halloween (!!), but Thanksgiving is a perfect time to catch up and watch the latest.

Whether you already adore these movies (like me), are a newcomer, or love to hate these bits of cinematic fluff, I am once again offering an interactive way to have some fun (and/or be a little snarky) while you watch. Hallmark Bingo is fun to play by yourself, or with family—using pens or candy as markers. I will also neither confirm nor deny whether grownups could, if they wanted, use the cards for a little adult beverage fun at home.

This year I’ve added a few new options into the cards:

  • Fireplace and/or bonfire. After watching last year’s batch, I realized just how often a scene happens by the warmth of a fire.
  • Wrapping/wrapped gifts. It’s Hallmark, so of course there are beautifully wrapped gifts!
  • Adorable hats. The female protagonists wear way more cute hats in Hallmark movies than you ever see in real life. Not everyone can pull off a pearl-encrusted beret, but dang it, it happens in Hallmarkland.
  • Mean coworker/boss. Lots of people in these movies work for a surprising number of meanies and jerks.
  • Advice from an elder. The falling-in-love stars often get a few wise words from folks older than themselves to help steer them in the right direction.
  • Competition of any kind. From baking contests to snowman building challenges, competitions abound in the Hallmark universe.
  • Open jackets. I live in Wisconsin so I’m constantly laughing at how many people run around these “wintery” locations with their jackets open.

These options join classics such as (but not limited to): unlikely career, musical montage, mistletoe, trees with leaves, fake snow, wears a fancy dress, royalty, near-miss kiss, snowball fight/snow angels, drinking hot beverage, cute small town, city slicker, and former child star.

The result is 10 refreshed-for-2020 Hallmark Christmas Bingo cards (author’s note: the use of the word Christmas merely reflects the holiday celebrated in these films). And while I’ve personally never tested these cards on any of the Lifetime of Netflix movies of similar type, somehow I suspect they just might work!

You’ll note that, like last year, the card number appears in the ribbon on the upper right, and the year for the card is on the lower right. Don’t forget, this is the four year for these bits of fun so, if you’d like more to play with, be sure to print off the 2017, 2018 and 2019 offerings.

No matter what holidays you celebrate—or don’t—I hope your December has a happy ending. Enjoy!

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