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Tech news roundup for November 14

This week: Amazon finally lets families share books, Raspberry Pi unveils their new $20 computer, Quirky shows off 7 new connected-home gadgets, and Chromecast gets some game. Also, check out: the world's smallest commuter bike, a gold-backed 78-inch TV, and a bike path.
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Damien Rice - 9_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Damien Rice

Damien Rice's music is a sound that is very uncommon these days. It’s sort of a throwback to the folk singers of the 50s and 60s—but modernized with the accompanying background sound. Rice heavily uses violin, bass, cello in his music, and even clarinet and a Wurlitzer organ. The attention to detail with in production is second to none. Combine that with his outstanding vocal abilities, and you have some amazing potential to make music.
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Dragons and Jump Streeters highlight this week on TV

This week enjoy a plethora of new films available on Video on Demand. The newbies include a little something for… more...
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Weekly tech news roundup for November 7

This week: new devices from Microsoft, Jawbone and Amazon (and Prime members get a new free service too!). There are also two more free things—fliers on Southwest now can stream Beats for free, MS Office for mobile devices is also free. Check out an AWESOME video of a bowling ball and feather falling a vacuum tube, learn about Star Trek-inspired communicators, and also take a peek at some new medical tech making blood draws much easier.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Eels

Great music doesn’t always come from Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown. Over the years of being a music nut, I’ve stumbled upon bands that have a totally unique sound that sort of sucks you in. In today’s case, this is a band I fell in love with when I was 12 years old. Here we are nearly two decades later, and they’re still one of, if not my favorite band of all time.
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Internet Of Things: The Totally Connected World

You hear "the Internet of things" talked about all over in the Internet and even on TV. But what is it? Jason Compton demystifies this not-as-new-as-you-might-think idea.
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icky thump

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Icky Thump

Normally when you think of bands, the image of a huge stage and a 4 to 10-member group comes to mind. It’s a rare occurrence to check out a band and come to find out it’s only a duo. Today’s Cheap Tunes Tuesday installment isn’t only just two people making amazing music, but perhaps the best music duo of all time.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Doors

Ladies and gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California—THE DOORS! All the way back in 1965, a couple guys who went to UCLA to study theater and film met up to discuss forming a band. This self-titled album came out on January 4th, 1967 and it was the first album out of nine released by The Doors. It was recorded at Sunset Sound Studios over just six days, with the 11-minute conclusion track ‘The End’ taking two sessions to get just right. It's also today's Cheap Tunes Tuesday album.
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Marry Me

Sci-fi and family films highlight this week on television

Movies on Demand brings a couple of the biggest sci-fi/action films of 2014: "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and Tom Cruise's "Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow," as well as a pair of excellent family films, "Million Dollar Arm" and the charming "Mr. Peabody and Sherman." But, there's also lots to see on TV and we've got some news about the resurrection of a very popular 1990s show.
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Gizmodo Troy-Bilt Flex

Weekly tech news roundup for October 10

This week: Tesla unveils an amazing new car with auto-pilot features, HP splits in two, and Snapchat has been hacked (big time). In other news, Apple Pay is coming soon -- really soon, but you should also check out a cool all-in-one credit card coming next year (it appears to be way better than Coin). And believe it or not, there's a big change coming to yard tool technology and, if you need a chuckle, be sure to check out some age prediction software that has produced some hilarious results.
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