The Olympics kicked off on Friday and there have already been hundreds of hours of Olympics coverage. If you have TDS TV®+, even if you missed an event, the good news is that you probably haven’t REALLY missed it. Here’s how to use TDS TV+ to get the most out of your Olympics viewing experience:

1. Don’t forget you can watch the Olympics on four different channels. Coverage is aired on NBC (check the guide for your local affiliate), CNBC (channel 209), USA (channel 306), and the Olympics Channel (channel 265). Each channel offers different events so browsing is a good thing.

2. Download the Winter Olympics app for your TDS TV+. Using the app you can find the best highlights from your favorite sports, catch up on unforgettable gold medal moments, check the schedule so you’ll know when your favorite sports are airing, and more. Here are instructions.

3. Search for the Olympics event you want to watch—even if it already happened. Here are some tips:

  • Start by opening the Search menu. If you enter the word Olympics in the search all kind of options pop up. You can, of course, choose from the options that show up in those results—but you can dig even deeper.
  • If you select Olympics 2022 from the search results you can browse All Episodes from the left navigation. As you scroll through, look for the green Start Over symbol to know which ones are watchable right now.

4. Use Google Assistant voice commands. Press the Google Assistant button and just ask for what you you’d like to watch. For example, if you ask for, “Olympics figure skating” there are all kinds of options to watch immediately—including previously aired performances.

5. Check out what’s On Demand. Once you’ve clicked on the OnDemand menu, scroll down. You’ll see that Olympics content is available as it’s own On Demand category! You can view everything from the Opening Ceremony, to alllll of the different events. Missed the biathlon? Check out the MxRelay final or the Women’s 15K Individual. Love figure skating? From full team events to highlights, you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

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