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Superunknown_Soundgarden 2

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Soundgarden

You could probably make a list of bands who benefited from the Nirvana grunge revolution, and Soundgarden would certainly be one of them. They started with a small cult following, were then “discovered” by the masses, and produced one of the best albums of the ‘90s—Superunknown. Today that top-selling, and still awesome, album can be yours for $5.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Janice Joplin

This album is as close to a masterpiece as you can get. It’s number 122 on the 500 greatest albums of all time, and has almost unanimous 5-star reviews. When you listen to it, it’s very easy to hear why. If you’ve never heard Janis sing, her voice is not only unique, it’s also absolutely amazing. She makes every word have emotion, no matter if it’s aching passion or a funky version of the blues. Today you can get Pearl for only $5 and it's actually worth way more than that.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Carlos Santana

There is a band out there, named after a guitarist you’ve probably heard of, that's truly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. When you hear the name, you may scoff at that idea – but 90 million records sold worldwide and eight Grammy Awards may convince you otherwise. Not bad for a guy that was once told not to quit his day job. And right now you can score this famous group's second—and awesome—album for only $5.
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