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Phishing email

Can you spot the phish?

Each phishing attempt can look different from another. Some may include a link, others may have a malicious attachment, and another may simply ask you to reply. With the huge variety of methods out there, are you really sure you can spot a phish? Test your spotting skills by looking at six different emails we’ve received over the years.
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Be on the lookout for two new phishing scams

No matter how hard you try, it seems like scammers get your email address. There’s lots of ways they manage to find it, and when they do, they start phishing and hope you fall for their lure.
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Should you bait email scammers?

Replying to a scam email and pretending to believe them and do what they’re asking is called scambaiting. Wasting these criminals’ time is seen in many circles to be a form of vigilante justice and there's even a hilarious TED talk devoted to the topic (you've got to watch it!). But should you bait these people? Well, it depends...
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