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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Journey

Sometimes you hear a song on the radio in the car and you crank it up...but have no idea who sings it. Today’s band kind of falls into that category. Certainly recognized for a few popular tracks, but has SO many hits that many people don’t always give the band their proper credit. For five bucks, you can score this can't-miss record and finally connect some great songs with the band that made them.
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Beastie Boys_ Licensed to Kill

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Beastie Boys

It’s easy to call this one of the greatest records of all time – because it is. Licensed to Ill is fun, feels good to listen to, and was brilliantly produced. The Beastie Boys truly did it first, and that’s what makes this so iconic. Today you can gift yourself a dose of that fun for only $5.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire's Funeral was named Album of the Year and was released to international critical acclaim. Because of the varied instruments, the sound is unlike anything else being made today—the band plays bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, keyboard, synthesizer, French horn, accordion, harp, mandolin and even a hurdy-gurdy. This kind of laid back sound is not going to be for everyone, but if you look up the various reviews, there is a reason it receives constant 5 stars and 9 out 10s. Take that spare fiver today and give Arcade Fire a chance.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: One Republic

Believe it or not, the social networking site MySpace is what saved today's band from obscurity. After being dropped from their first label, Timbaland discovered them on that once-famous website and signed them. The production value of OneRepublic's debut album is off the charts, the sound is solid, and there's even a super-famous track used in over 75 TV shows, films, and commercials. Today you can get for only $5.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Deftones

This Grammy Award-winning band may have fallen under your radar, and you might not even know about their "accidental" start, but that doesn't mean you won't like their sound.
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Daft punk_discovery

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Daft Punk

Recognized as one of the 100 best albums released between 2000-2010, 'Discovery' is an electronic story. The songs blend together, not unlike Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon. It's an honest album filled with music the never-seen-in-person Daft Punk duo simply liked and thought was fun. For $5, it's well worth a listen.
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3DDD Away from the sun cover

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: 3 Doors Down

Rather than following the typical pattern—meeting in a big city and getting discovered—today's band followed a different script. Coming from a town of only 4,000, 3 Doors Down still managed to hit it big. Their sophomore album, more polished than the first, won't disappoint (and especially for only $5!).
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Highway 61 Revisted

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Bob Dylan

There are singers, and there are songwriters. In some cases, an artist can do both really well–they simply have a knack for the business. Today’s featured artist. Bob Dylan, accomplished major things while doing both.This visionary album took a little while to be appreciated, but, thankfully, the first single release was ‘Like A Rolling Stone,’ which would go on to be one of the most popular singles of all time. The album is credited for changing the way we think about popular music and how we view folk musicians in the mainstream.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Rush

Many friends of mine tell me they just can’t get over Geddy Lee’s vocals, and it makes Rush a tough listen. This album might be a great introduction for those types, as there is quite a bit of instrumental on this record, and it can give you a great appreciation for what they were doing. I think this album is a near perfect blend of top 40’s radio and pure rock music. If you’re a fan of simply well done rock music, it should be right in your wheelhouse.
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