Call_momWe all know a mother.

You have one. Maybe you are one. Maybe you want to be one. Maybe you’re married to one. Whichever mother is most special in your life, be sure to remind her of that on Mother’s Day this Sunday.

In this day and age, it’s easy to get wrapped up in impersonal communication—text messages, Facebook posts, Snapchats. While posting a wonderfully crafted and filtered homage to your mom on Instagram is a sweet sentiment (trust me, my mom loves it), do you know what she really wants?

She wants to hear your voice.

So pick up the phone. Tell her you love her. Tell her about her day. Ask about hers. Tell her thank you. Pick up the phone and simply talk to your mom.

I call my mom every single day. I’ve called her every day for years. Sometimes our conversation is 3 minutes, sometimes it’s an hour, but what we always get is a moment to connect.

Sure, on Sunday I’ll likely post a perfectly cropped Instagram photo from the eighties of my mom as a beautiful young woman holding me, her chubby toddler. It’ll be accompanied by an eloquent passage about her supreme level of mothering, of course.

But as soon as I hit share, I’ll exit the app, grab my phone, and dial my mom’s number.

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