The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. With beautiful weather comes increased local activity and tourism, which makes it the start of the busiest season for bars, restaurants, and many other service industries.

When you combine the nice weather with the wide range of sports programming, it’s important to make sure you’re providing the best television options for your customers. Here are some ways TDS TV+ for Business improves your restaurant or business’ television service right now.

Online Channel Lineups

With so many regional and national programs to choose from, it’s likely you’ve had a customer request a specific game or television show.

Luckily for our bar and restaurant customers, gone are the days of aimlessly scrolling and searching the TV guide. TDS TV+ for business recently launched an online channel lineup, where users can search a specific channel name and find its number in the snap of a finger. This gives your bartenders and servers the ability to easily find the channel on their smartphone and get back to what’s important—the customer. If you’re not in the service industry, TDS also has an online channel lineup available to our private commercial customers!

The channel lineup’s search and filter features can also help you quickly decide which of the three TV packages—Access, Entertainment, or Voyage—are best for your business’ programming needs.

Let’s say sports programming is important for your business. If you want to know if a given package comes with a specific channel like ESPN, TNT, NHL Network, MLB Network, or NFL Network, you simply select the “All” filter and search a particular channel. The results will show you which package(s) have that channel included.

Voice Remote

TDS TV+ for Business also allows you to search for a particular program using the simplicity of speech. The voice remote, powered by Google Assistant, allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for by searching nearly any attribute—title, actor, keyword, sports team, etc.


Your TDS TV+ for Business System also learns from your business’ viewing habits. Select from programs and shows automatically cued up based on what’s typically being shown at your business at a particular time or day.

Start Over

Never miss a moment by returning to the beginning of any live program (availability varies by network).

Catch up

If a customer requests a game or program that aired within the last 72 hours, TDS TV+ for Business also allows re-runs (Availability varies by network).

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