Great news, Minnesota TDS TV customers, you also have FIVE new channels coming to your TV line-up starting today. Here’s what you’ll find:

This TV
Channel 20

Tune in to find all kinds of movies and TV shows that are part of the MGM and United Artists library. From programs like In The Heat of the Night and Sea Hunt, to movies such as Life is Beautiful and Transformers, you’ll find a wide range of great things to watch.

Heroes and Icons
Channel 28

This channel, called “H&I,”offers compelling drama, action and adventure shows. Weekdays, they offer a different contemporary dramatic TV series experience each day. Sunday through Friday nights, H&I boldly goes where no network has gone before with “All Star Trek”, featuring each original live action “Star Trek” TV series.

Here’s a sampling of shows you will enjoy on Heroes & Icons: JAG, Nash Bridges, NYPD Blue, Relic, Hunter, Rawhide,  The Pretender, The Commish, House, Monk, MacGyver, Xena: Warrior Princess and Black Sheep Squadron.

Channel 19

You want adventure? Then Quest delivers! This network is devoted to exhilarating adventure programming featuring danger, mysteries, and achievements. Quest offers shows such as: Modern Marvels, Swamp Loggers, Ice Road Truckers, Command Decisions, Life After People, and many, many more.

Channel 29

From movies, series, and sports, Charge! network features all kinds of action programming. Watch action stars, every-day heroes, and insane athletes engaged in battles, chases, showdowns, and much more! This channel has shows like The Avengers, Danger Man, CHIPS, plus Jackie Chan marathons, Clint Eastwood movies, Charles Bronson classics, Ring of Honor Wrestling, just to name a few.

TBD Network
Channel 30

TBD is a curated channel that brings the best of the internet to your TV. They handpick the most entertaining content from the most creative creators and put it on your TV for a new adventure every day. From culinary capers, jaw-dropping action, hilarious pranks and comedy, music, fitness, gaming, or just random awesomeness you never know you needed in your life. It’s never the same channel twice!



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