Who is TDS?

Hi, Sun Prairie! We’re TDS and it’s so nice to officially meet you.

Although you may not know it, you’ve probably seen us around town for quite a while. In fact, we might even live in your neighborhood since more than 40 TDS employees call Sun Prairie home and 1,113  more live all over Dane County. This means we’ve been cheering the Cardinals, splashing around Dolphin’s Cove, and wiping butter off our chins at the Sweet Corn Festival for ages.

Speaking of ages, we’ve been around for almost 50 years. We were founded in 1969 by a gentleman named LeRoy Carlson who had a simple but powerful idea: to bring modern communications technology to underserved communities.

Sure, a lot has changed since then, but TDS’ goal hasn’t. In addition to other leading-edge tech, we’ve been rolling out fiber-optic networks across the country to deliver internet, TV, and phone service—including in nearby Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, and Johnson Creek.

We have to admit though, in some ways we’re a bit traditional. Like how, despite providing 1.2 million service connections across the U.S., we remain a family-run business. And, you can still find our headquarters in Madison all these years later. Heck, even our President and CEO is a guy we first hired as an internal auditor (fresh out of U.W Whitewater) 34 years ago.

So you could say we’re local, but not small. We’ve got experience, but that doesn’t mean we’re not personal. The added bonus? We deliver the very best products and services around because it’s our mission.

Now that you know a little about us, we’re really looking forward to getting to know you. We hope you’ll come see us at parades and events, because we’ll be there—this year, and those to come. We can’t wait to become a bona fide part of the Sun Prairie community :-).

Oh! And here are just a few of us Cardinals fans. See you around town!

About Missy Kellor

Missy works on the Corporate Communications team and reports stories to TDS employees and customers. This is right up her alley because she’s an extrovert and also a big fan of research (really, she’ll look up just about anything that strikes her interest). Missy is a native of Madison, Wis. with an undergraduate in Anthropology and a master’s degree in Life Sciences Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interest in the Internet as a mass media shaped her work towards a PhD in Journalism and Mass Communications. She’s also worked as an editorial assistant, copywriter, and production artist. In her off hours, Missy is a crafter, Pinterest addict, reader, wife, and mom of two kids. You can find Missy on G+ and on Twitter.

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