There are lots of things described as “pop-ups.” Jiffy Pop popcorn, pop-up campers, pop-up tents, and pop-up shops—but now there’s something new to add to the list: TDS Fiber pop-up events.

This is how it works: we’re setting up a table at a local hot spot and talking with people about the TDS Fiber difference one-on-one. Sometimes the TDS Fiber RV or custom-wrapped truck is there, sometimes not, however, friendly faces, giveaways, and information are always on hand.

Our goal is to meet you and answer your questions about TDS Fiber in a casual, open setting. If you’re ready to register, you can do that too—we can even go through the menu of services and let you know what your final low price will be.

We’re doing about one event per week so watch for us in your community. For example, we recently enjoyed spending some time at Bill’s Food Center and Firefly Coffee House in Oregon, or maybe you spotted us at the McFarland House Café? The point is, we’ll be popping up all over so stop over and say hi.

Watch for our Facebook posts so you know where to find us, or simply keep an eye out for a blue TDS table and folks in blue shirts.

See you soon!




  1. Well unfortunately TDS chose to make most of the actual villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac into a single Fiber neighborhood and it looks like we missed our goal by I think 6 or 7 households. That is a shame. Makes no sense to me that TDS didn’t hold a single event in our area while I noticed that they held quite a few events in McFarland and Oregon (advertised on the TDS Fiber webpage). Hard to expect too much when the only real advertisement for it are mailers.

    What was the point in purchasing Merr if you aren’t going to upgrade the area where the majority of households are in within their old service area?

    Oh well…

    • Doug, thanks for your comment. Your neighborhood is sooooo close I reached out to our marketing to see if anything changed at the last second. I found that that, as a result of bad news on our end, you get some good news :-). It’s taking longer than we thought to finalize all the network changeover details — but because of those delays, we’re pushing out the threshold deadline by a month. Fair warning: It doesn’t sound like the date is going to push out any more than that, so hopefully those last 6-7 households take advantage of this bonus time to score the early deals!

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