I have a love-hate relationship with the Oscars. I love it because it showcases all the great movies…well, most of them anyway. I hate the Oscars as well – a lot of showy stuff and fluff, but not a lot of substance. Most years, I am reluctant to even watch them – until a few years ago when Troy Theis from the TDS Creative Department invited me to watch them over at his house (see his blog last year for how to throw your own Oscar Party!). So, instead of each of us writing something separate about the Oscars, we decided to blog together—collaboration at its best!

What’s been the biggest Oscar mistake ever? By mistake, we mean snub.

    Gone Baby Gone movie posterTroy Theis: I don’t understand why Tilda Swinton won for Michael Clayton. I’ve seen the movie, thought it was fine. I have nothing against Tilda Swinton, but there was nothing magical about that performance or character. On the other hand, Amy Ryan for Gone Baby Gone should have won. How Tilda won over Amy Ryan does not make any sense. Amy Ryan’s acting will knock your socks off. Tilda Swinton is just playing Tilda Swinton… as an attorney.

    Kris Schulz: For me, I don’t like the awards that are given to people because “it’s their turn”. Sandra Bullock winning for The Blindside is just upsetting to me. It’s not that she is a bad actress or anything, but her performance in that movie just wasn’t Oscar worthy. Plus, while I think The Departed is an excellent movie, it is nowhere near as good as past Martin Scorsese movies that should have won him his first Oscar (see Raging Bull or Gangs of New York for starters).

What has been your favorite Oscar moment?

    Seth Macfarlane OscarsTT: I enjoy the presenters. I would say any presenter that makes me laugh or any acceptance speech that makes me cry – those are my favorite moments. Presenter – when Kurt Russell proposed to Goldie Hawn – he was on his way to propose, but then they were cut off short, so it made it funny. For host, my favorite host of all time is Billy Crystal. He is kind of old school for our generation. He is reliable, funny, and can re-host at any moment.

    KS: I agree, the host is key to an enjoyable experience. I liked Seth McFarlane as host. I thought it was great that the Oscars took such a risk with their host, but he can sing, is funny and charismatic. Plus, they let him do the songs he wanted to do – tasteful or not. So, it’s really the hosts that make the moment and the Oscars really. Oh, and the In Remembrance is always sad, and always gets some inappropriate applause.

Best film that lost an Oscar?

Who is the biggest actor/actress to not win an Oscar?

    DiCaprio Wolf of WallstreetTT: I will say, I watched The Butler this year, and I can’t believe Oprah wasn’t nominated. I think she was pretty spectacular in that role. But if we are looking overall, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer, – she has contributed a lot to the film industry, Donald Sutherland – he hasn’t even been nominated, and Julianne Moore for ANYTHING she’s done. Oh, and I am just waiting for Naomi Watts to get her first. And Sigourney Weaver. And pretty much everyone else.

    KS: Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. I am just surprised they haven’t won one yet. Both have done so much, but have always faced some tough competition. Pitt has never taken similar roles (outside of sequels, of course), so he is an actor that takes on challenges. DiCaprio keeps getting the nominations, but losing to actors who were great that year. I fear he will receive one soon because he “deserves” it.

You both picked 12 Years a Slave as best picture winner prediction. Why?

    TT: That’s what the experts are saying. I have nothing to support who will win it or who won’t though.

    KS: I also said 12 Years, but if American Hustle wins, it won’t surprise me. It took home both the SAG and Golden Globe. That usually is a good predictor of who will win. I still feel 12 Years will take home the most Oscars this year though.

Our Oscar picks

Best Picture:

    12 Years a Slave• Should and Will Win – 12 Years a Slave (both)

Best Actor:

    • Should Win – Leonardo DiCaprio (Troy), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Kris)
    • Will Win – Matthew McConaughey (Troy), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Kris)

Best Actress:

    • Should Win – Amy Adams (Troy), Cate Blanchett (Kris).
    • Will Win – Cate Blanchett (both)

Best Supporting Actor:

    • Should Win – Jared Leto (Troy), Barkhad Abdi (Kris),
    • Will Win – Jaret Leto (both)

Best Supporting Actress:

    • Should Win – Lupita Nyong’o (Troy), Jennifer Lawrence (Kris)
    • Will Win – Same as Should Win

Frozen posterBest Animated Feature:

Best Cinematography:

    • Cinematography – Gravity (Troy and Kris)

Best Director:

    • Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron (Troy)
    • 12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen (Kris)

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