Update 2/19, 4:15 p.m.

Road conditions continue to be a challenge across all areas that have been hit by the storms. Fortunately, current weather forecasts across the region are calling for sunshine and warmer temperatures for the weekend. With improving conditions, we are hopeful our restoration efforts can begin in earnest.

  • TDS operations remain closed in Tennessee today due to snow. Assuming road conditions improve, technicians will be working this weekend on repairs. Normal operations are expected to resume on Monday.
  • In Virginia, the last round of storms did knock out commercial power for many equipment sites. Technicians are working to deploy generators for all those locations and will be working this weekend on repairs. Normal operations will resume on Monday.
  • Recovery efforts in Kentucky are ongoing. Generators have been deployed where needed, and contractor crews are continuing to clear downed trees and replacing fiber and poles. Normal operations are expected to resume on Monday.

We anticipate this will be our final update on storm-related impacts. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Update 2/18, 4:05 p.m.:

TDS business operations have returned to normal in: Alpine and Fort Stockton, Texas; Alamogordo, Hobbs, and Carlsbad, New Mexico; Oakman, Aroney, and Crossville, Alabama; and all locations in Indiana and Oklahoma.

TDS services remain impacted in a variety of areas due to the continued storm activity. Broadly speaking, with warming temperatures expected in the coming days, TDS teams will be resuming restoration work wherever it is safe to do so. Our teams will continue their efforts over the weekend to get customers reconnected as quickly as possible.

Community specific updates:

  • Tennessee offices remain closed. Repair work is expected to resume tomorrow and continue this weekend as road conditions allow; new service orders will resume on Monday.
  • In Kentucky, although offices are closed, technicians are doing their best to respond to troubles as they can, but road conditions remain a challenge. Trees, poles, and fiber have been downed by the weather. Teams are clearing rights of ways, reattaching cabling, and making pole repairs—work that will continue over the weekend. In areas without commercial power, generators are being deployed to restore service.
  • In Virginia, commercial power was restored to nearly all TDS equipment, but with additional snow and ice expected overnight, there could be new impacts. Area teams will continue to work trouble tickets as long as it’s safe to do so but is a fluid situation given the current forecast. Generators will be redeployed to maintain service wherever possible. Repair work will continue over the weekend.
  • Some service areas are impacted around Mooresville, North Carolina due to commercial power outage.
  • Road conditions in Mississippi are worsening with the snow today. Repairs may be delayed tomorrow depending on when it is safe for technicians to be driving.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to fully restore service from these unprecedented, and wide-reaching, weather conditions!


Update 2/17, 11:50 p.m.:

Due to improving weather and road conditions, we are resuming business as usual in:

  • Poseyville, Poseyville, Wadesville, and Wickliffe, Indiana
  • Oakman, and previously impacted areas in Centre, Alabama

Technicians are working repairs and trouble tickets today and will be restarting installation orders tomorrow in all areas where roads have been cleared.

TDS operations in Amelia, Virginia remain challenged due to the lack of commercial power in some areas. Technicians continue to maintain generators and will be working trouble calls as they can. The additional ice in the forecast may further hinder power and TDS restoration efforts.

Photo taken in Kentucky by a TDS technician.

In Buckhorn, Wooten, and Canoe, Kentucky, technicians are doing their best to respond to troubles as they can, but road conditions remain a challenge. In areas without commercial power, technicians are deploying generators to restore services as they are able. With additional snow and ice in the forecast for today, customers should anticipate service and response impacts tomorrow as well.

There are no changes to operations in Tennessee from yesterday’s update. Our offices remain closed and we are pushing out repair work and orders due to unsafe road conditions.

In Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, weather is clearing but loss of commercial power and rolling blackouts in some areas may impact TDS services.


Update 2/16, 3:05 p.m.

We continue to see impacts due to the storms that have hit Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and areas in Mississippi. Our offices remain closed and we are pushing out repair work and orders further due to unsafe road conditions in:

  • Calhoun, Mississippi
  • Oakman, and areas in Centre, Alabama
  • Mt Juliet, La Vergne, Waynesboro, and Parsons, Tennessee
  • Buckhorn, Wooten, and Canoe, Kentucky
  • Poseyville, Wadesville, and Wickliffe, Indiana

As roads become passable in each area, we hope to resume normal operations. Please be aware that, with additional storm fronts forecasted for many of these communities, repair and installation orders may be delayed into next week.

In Virginia, we expect any sites currently on generator power to be reconnected to commercial electricity by the end of the day.

In Texas and New Mexico, we are watching the rolling power outages carefully, but have no service impacts at this time.

Update Feb 15, 2:10 p.m.:

Due to rapidly deteriorating weather and road conditions we are closing down local TDS offices in Middle and West Tennessee, all of Kentucky, and Northern Mississippi until further notice. In these areas, for safety, we have instructed our employees, including our technicians, to wrap up any in-process work and head home. We will be rescheduling out repairs and installations as needed for the safety of our teams.

Conditions are also quickly deteriorating in Indiana. At this time we believe we can complete today’s schedule, but tomorrow remains uncertain.

Update Feb 15, 11:16 am:
The ice and storm conditions in parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana are impacting, or are anticipated to impact, TDS service and response times. We are ready and prepared to respond where it is safe for our teams to do so, however, some repair work and installations may be delayed due to local weather conditions.

Currently we’re seeing service impacts in:

  • Tennessee: LaVergne, Parsons, Waynesboro, and Mt. Juliet
  • Kentucky: Big Canoe, Buckhorn
  • Mississippi: Calhoun City
  • Virginia: Amelia

Given current forecasting, additional impacts are anticipated in Central and Southern Indiana, as well as Pennsylvania and the North East United States depending on how the storms track.

Thank you for your patience.

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