Google hangout_img_video_callToday, a “hangout” has a whole new meaning that doesn’t necessarily involve getting together in the same room. If you have friends or family that can’t come to your home for a party, let them hangout with you via a live computer feed during your next gathering.

One of the most commonly used apps for having a virtual gathering is called Hangouts. Made by Google and free to download, it lets you send messages, photos, emoji, and make live video calls with your friends and family (up to 10!). Hangouts is available in Gmail, Google+, as an app for your iOS or Android device, and as a Chrome extension (a special add-on to your Chrome browser). With so many options, you can keep in touch whether you’re at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

What is an emoji? It’s a cute graphic that you can add to your conversation to have some fun—for example: emoji

As part of Hangouts, you can wear a virtual party hat, grow a mustache, or give your friend a tiara during your video chat. Be sure to check it out.

If you want to Hangout you’ll need a Google+ account to get access to all of Hangouts’ features including group video calls, sharing photos, and using Hangouts with Google+ circles. To get an account, start here. Download Hangouts: Google Play | iTunes App Store | For your computer. Need more help? When all else fails Google “Google Hangouts.” After all the best place to learn about anything Google is to Google it!


  1. This sounds great but what doyou need to do this, do you need like a webcam or something to do this?

  2. Hi Shelia,

    Yes, you’ll need some kind of webcam or a smart phone camera to Hangout.


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