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Jason Compton is a Middleton, Wis.-based writer specializing in technology, communication, and entertainment. He has been reporting on the gadgets that make life more productive and fun since the days of the Commodore 64. Follow him on Twitter: @jpcwrites.
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Internet Of Things: The Totally Connected World

You hear "the Internet of things" talked about all over in the Internet and even on TV. But what is it? Jason Compton demystifies this not-as-new-as-you-might-think idea.
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Punch Quest, one of Madgarden's biggest successes.

Game Time: Inspiration, Perspiration, and Pixels

To stand out among the thousands of video games released on computers, phones, and social media sites every year, you need a hook. Paul Pridham is the mad scientist of Madgarden, and he took a few minutes away from creating the upcoming Death Road to Canada to answer questions about creating games for today's demanding audiences.
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Working Online: Three Free Office Suites

Buying office software was once a major expense for many, because free alternatives were laughably under-powered. Today, free office software is extremely capable and comprehensive, and even offers document-sharing advantages far more convenient than conventional, pricey software. Find out about some of your best, free options.
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Game Time: Three Online Shops, Just For Fun

Whatever happened to the aisles and aisles of computer games you used to see at big-box electronics and specialty stores? Sure, stores still stock a large number of games for consoles like Xbox and Playstation, but Windows and Mac users are lucky to find more than a single shelf. That's not because everybody is too busy playing Candy Crush on their phones—computer gaming is still a $25 billion industry. So, where are all the games?
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