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Savvy Spending 2015: Save on Travel | TDS Telecom

Savvy Spending: Five Ways to Save on Travel in 2015

We're just a few weeks into the new year and I've already saved more than $1500 on pre-booked travel for trips planned in January and February. Really. Let me let you in on a little secret - my Savvy Spending tips aren't limited to member's clubs or fancy travel writer perks. They're easy hacks you can try yourself.
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Savvy Spending: Five Favorites For Seasonal Fall Decor & Home Inspiration

We love making our homes look, smell and feel in tune with the seasons. The problem? If we raided the Pottery Barn catalog every time a new collection was released, we wouldn't be able to pay our mortgages. We also seem to generate a bigger collection of "Pinterest fails than we do DIY wins, so the "make-it-yourself" route isn't always the best bet. As a result, we've turned online for inspiration -- and found a slew of relatively affordable but high-end-look catalogs with great websites to bookmark for our new design and decor crushes.
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Savvy Spending: Save on Summer Clothing, Home Goods and More

It's summertime, and the living is easy ... sort of. The kids are home from school, and those weekend road trips to the lake or beach sure do add up to some added stress on your bank account. Don't sacrifice style this summer, you can still save big with these simple money-saving techniques, right from the comfort of your computer.
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Savvy Spending: Six Ways to Save on Summer Travel

We're super excited that it's finally summer ... and you know what that means. It's summer vacation time! No matter the size of your vacation fund, it's easy to save money on summer travel by following these six savvy spending summer travel tips.
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