Southwest Wisconsin TDS TV ® customers: your channel lineup is growing!

Those of you in Black Earth, Dickeyville, Fennimore, Lancaster, Middleton, Madison, Verona, and Waunakee—you now have WIFS 57 in both standard definition (on channel 57) and in high def (1057).

Channel 57 is an independent station that provides original, local content (including sports!), as well as your favorite syndicated shows. Here’s just some of what you can watch:

Three words: high school football. The broadcast schedule for fall 2017 hasn’t been announced yet (you’ll find it here, when it’s available), but Channel 57 is a great place to catch local football from the comfort (and warmth!) of home.

Football Saturdays. Need we say more? Havoline Football Saturdays has won 10 EMMY awards for Best Series and Best Story over the past six years. If you like football, this is definitely one to watch.

But there’s more than the ol’ pigskin. Channel 57 has Raceline, devoted to NASCAR. And then there’s the Madison Radicals ultimate disc game coverage. Or maybe you’d rather catch bouts and interviews with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls roller derby league? Or perhaps watching the Fighting Irish is more your bag? Clearly, there’s a lot to explore!

Local shows!
The Restaurant Show features local eateries so you can “skip the rest so you can enjoy the best.” From places in Madison and the Dells, to dining spots in Waunakee and Middleton (and many more locales!), host Jessa Jeremiah travels to try all the hot spots.

Wisconsin CrossFit Affiliates helps you learn about CrossFit and how to live healthier. With demonstrations and examples for viewers of all ages, maybe give this a try. Note: There’s also Workout Wisconsin and Wisconsin Climbers too!

There’s also Wisconsin Family with ideas and tips for everyone in your house, Dane Buy Local (like QVC, but for local goods!), and even Wisconsin Doctors talking about the latest healthcare news.

But wait, there’s more!
Beyond the original shows (and if you can believe it, we didn’t even talk about all of them), there’s also the many syndicated favorites you can catch on Channel 57. Watch “How I Met Your Mother,” “Friends,” “King of Queens,” “Access Hollywood,” “Dr. Phil,” “Bones” and many, many (many) others.

We hope you enjoy this latest channel addition!


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