It’s a free preview weekend for TDS TV and TDS TV+ customers! Watch HBO® and Cinemax® FREE for four days and be entertained with original series, hit Hollywood movies, and more.

Starting at 6 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 23 and running through Monday, Sept. 27, TDS customers can enjoy the best classic and current shows, and family favorite movies on HBO and Cinemax. Reminder: HBO includes seven different channels, and with Cinemax you get eight. There’s loads of content to explore so cozy up on the couch, grab the remote and get watching.

During the free preview, check out recent releases such as Promising Young Woman, Emma (2020), The Invisible Man (2020), and the new series Scenes from a Marriage. Plus, there’s loads of other popular movies such as Rocky Balboa, King Kong, Cinderella Man, Wonder Woman, The Great Gatsby, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Snow Dogs, Ella Enchanted, Stand and Deliver, Rent, the Manhattan Project, Dunkirk, Argo, Hostage, Skyline, Richard Jewell, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Misery, Jersey Girl, Cider house Rules, The Peacemaker, Pi, and Up in the Air—to name only a small handful.

Also, don’t miss the new release, Mortal Kombat on Friday, September 24 on HBO. It’s one of 10 brand new, 2021 Warner Bros movies that premiered on HBO the same day they hit theaters—and there are still more to come! If you subscribe, you have a front-row seat at home for the premiers of the highly anticipated, Cry Macho, The Many Saints of Newark, Dune, King Richard, and Matrix 4

If you enjoyed your free preview of HBO and Cinemax, you can add them to your TV package or call 888-225-5837.

Free Preview: Set-top box reboot may be required to view free-preview programming. Parental controls can be set to restrict or filter free-preview programming. To receive HD preview channels, an HD subscription is required. Recorded free-preview content disappears when the free preview ends


  1. Free preview is not available even when the set top box was rebooted.

    • Barb, I forwarded what you shared on to our technical teams, but for immediate help to get these working, you’ll have to call in to speak with someone from our repair team so they can troubleshoot what’s going on (1-888-225-05837).

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