There’s an FCC-mandated change that may impact the network affiliate signals for Wisconsin TDS TV® customers in Bloomington, Johnson Creek, New Munster, Bohners Lake, Wheatland, Waterford, and Wind Lake.

To free up airwaves and make space for more wireless/cellular broadband services, the FCC is requiring many TV stations across the country to change their channel frequencies., including several in Milwaukee.

Stations WITI, WPEX, WTMJ, and WVCY are currently operating at low-power transmission to prepare for the channel moves coming on October 18. While at low power, the following channel signals are more susceptible to interference:

    • WITI – channels 6, 26, 1006
    • WPXE – channels 5, 1005
    • WTMJ – channels 4, 33, 34, 1004
    • WVCY – channel 30

As a result, viewers could experience pixilation, picture pausing, or even outages. These problems are the result of low-power transmission, rather than a TDS TV’s retransmission of the signal.

When the frequency change is complete, the TV stations will return to their normal transmission levels.

Thank you for your patience as we wait for this process to be complete.


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