Pop quiz: How much Video on Demand does TDS TV offer?

You have loads of video on demand options with TDS TV. That means you can pull up hundreds of shows and movies and watch whenever you want—but do you know just how much is at your fingertips?

You have up to 53 channels worth, and that’s not including the 44 premium channels available OR the 2,000 Stingray channels.

Combined you have the on demand content of 2,097 channels—plus movies!

All you have to do is press the Video On Demand button on your remote to find something great to watch.


All of these channels offer video on demand as part of TDS TV programming packages:

As long as the channel appears in your TV and it’s on this list, you have access to all their on-demand content.

Premium channels

As a reminder, all of these premium channels also offer video on demand as well:

Stingray Music

And, don’t forget about always commercial-free Stingray Music. You have 50 channels on your TV:

But you have 1,950 more available online and on your phone using their new app. They’re always commercial-free and already included as part of the Expanded and Expanded Plus programming packages.


And don’t forget: we have loads of box office hits available to rent on demand as well. You can check out our always-fresh offerings on this webpage, or check them out right on your TV.

Want more?

We’re always looking to add new video on demand content when we can. If you have a specific channel in mind, drop us a line via our Channel & Feature Request Form. If you’ve never used video on demand before and need some help, check out page 48 of the TDS TV user guide for a step-by-step walk through.



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