If you haven’t made the switch to TDS TV®+, you’re missing out on a fantastic, feature-rich, TV experience—take it from someone who recently upgraded.

The phrase “next generation” may be overused but as a paying customer (and yes, also a TDS associate), this author thinks it’s the best word to describe TDS TV+. Here’s one big reason why: Beyond offering the sports and TV networks you already know and love, TDS TV+ integrates with all your favorite streaming services too. Just download the apps for Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Peacock, HBO Max, Paramount+ (or any of the thousands available) in TDS TV+, connect to your subscription for these services, and you can forget about changing inputs because it’s all right there in your menu. TDS TV+ is so more than just this awesome feature though—something I can attest to first-hand.

My family recently made the switch to TDS TV+ and can give you seven different things about our new service that sets it apart:

  1. You can record 10 channels at once. I have to admit, with TDS TV, we sometimes had recording conflicts at my house. With TDS TV+ it’s a thing of the past.
  2. Starting a show over. It’s like going back in time! If you’ve missed a movie or show in the last 72 hours, just look for the green Start Over arrow in the guide and jump to the beginning. This has been a lifesaver when we have forgotten to set a OnePass or want to conserve DVR space by not even setting one.
  3. OnePass. A OnePass is basically a recording setting, but on TDS TV+ it’s so much more. They’re one-stop shops for everything available about a show you want. Each OnePass will record the episodes you ask it to, but it will also show you what episodes are upcoming, what’s available On Demand, and if episodes are available on other subscription services (like Netflix, Starz, Vudu, and more).
  4. Recovering recently deleted programs. Maybe it’s just me, but I have fat-fingered the remote and accidentally erased a show I wanted (which was followed by an immediate “@#$&!”) but now it’s no big deal. When I screw up, I can just go to My Shows and scroll down to Recently Deleted Recordings and recover the ones I just zapped.
  5. The Search is awesome. Because TDS TV+ deep links with other services, you can search for pretty much anything and find out where it’s available. For example, I had heard good things about the show Nailed It. I searched for it, I found out it’s on Netflix (that we subscribe to) and just selected an episode from the list and BAM, it started right up! No other mucking around needed.
  6. The app for my mobile device. I’m a big fan of having the Guide in my pocket and setting a recording right from my phone. It’s been super handy for when I forget to record a new Hallmark movie and remember at the last minute 😊 (but I’ll also use Start Over in those cases, too!).
  7. The flexibility. Although TDS recommends having set-top box for the best experience and troubleshooting, there’s also an app available for your Firestick, Android TV or Apple TV. This was great for the guest room that is rarely used. That said, we also could have totally taken our other boxes and moved them around as- needed. It’s been, great to take the box outside or out to the garage when we’ve hosted viewing events with friends—the flexibility has been awesome.

Combined, all of these features—and many more I haven’t even touched on (the cloud DVR and voice remote, for example)—really do make TDS TV+ the smart TV choice!

So what are you waiting for? Give us call at 877-547-6839 to take advantage of some great limited-time upgrade offers and give yourself the gift of better TV service you’ll enjoy in the months and years to come.



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