Good news! Newsmax is  now part of the TDS TV Expanded Programming package. You’ll find on channel 209 in SD and on channel 1209 in HD.

Newsmax, a channel created by journalist Christopher Ruddy, was launched four years ago and is  already found in more than 50 million homes across the nation. Generally considered a source of conservative news, the channel features breaking news plus a wide range of programs.

Tune in and watch these daily shows, just to name a few:

The Schnitt Show: Nationally syndicated talk show host Todd Schnitt gives a uniquely right-of-center perspective on the news every weekday.


Newsmax Now: Anchor John Bachman distills the day’s biggest stories into a single informative broadcast that includes guests and experts for extra insight an analysis.


The Brett Winerable Show: A 20-year radio and TV veteran, Brett doesn’t take sides—he just talks about what’s interesting to you in funny, insightful ways.


There are also lots of other weekend programs and specials. For example, watch Conversations with Nancy Brinker, where the founder of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure talks to some of the nation’s most powerful and influential personalities.

Or maybe get some financial advice on Income Generation. David Scranton debunks popular myths, exposes hidden financial planning secrets, and helps you learn what you need to know to protect your money and generate income.

There’s even a show called American Place that explores Presidential estates, National Monuments, and other fascinating places where the American identity was forged.

Tune in and check out all of the programming options. For more on Newsmax shows, visit their website. (Don’t have the Expanded package? If you’d like to upgrade, visit our website.)


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