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clock4Anyone who watches TV and uses a DVR loves having one. From the convenience of watching your favorite programs whenever you want, to skipping those annoying commercials, there are so many benefits. But there are also other time-saving features you get with the DVR.

One of the TDS TV features I really like to use is the picture-in-picture on the guide. When browsing through the guide, if you arrow up or down on the channels, you see the shows that are on but without actually flipping through the channels. The picture-in-picture shows up in the lower left hand corner and the guide is transparent enough you can still see what’s currently airing on the program you were watching. A couple weeks ago when I was watching the NFL Playoffs it was nice that I could see if the other game was on before changing the channel. I use this feature a lot when there isn’t much on TV and I can just click right over to whatever looks most appealing in the moment.

Another thing I’ve really picked up on lately is TDS TV’s instant channel change. With my previous provider, it would take up to five seconds to change the channel when I was watching high-def TV. Now I can channel surf and really flip fast through the channels and there is no delay. It sounds like something so simple, but when you sit down and use it for a while, it’s a really nice feature to have.

For me watching television is all about convenience. I don’t have a ton of time to sit back and watch the tube, so anything that makes my experience easier and allows me to spend less time learning and more time watching is perfect. So far, these functions really stick out as the ones allowing me catch up on all my favorite shows, but still get stuff done at work and at home. Give them a try!


About TVTesters

Austin and Eric are “friendly testers” for TDS TV. They’re both TDS employees who volunteered to be guinea pigs try our newest product and put it through its paces in their homes. They’re not getting paid to use TDS TV or share their opinions, but they’ve offered to share their honest insights here. Austin: I’m a technology nut with a deep rooted passion for sports. Being able to watch every game for the teams I root for is essential. When I heard about TDS TV at the office, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to volunteer to test it out. Whether it’s a new set-top box, interface, or channels, I’ll be testing them and providing my honest feedback. Eric: I’m a sports geek and a techie nerd. I play/watch just about every sport and I love to mess around with electronic gadgets. At TDS I have experienced everything from dial-up Internet to a super high-speed connection and have tested products before. My wife is sort of a TV co-tester since we watch most of the shows we record together. I think it’s pretty cool I get to share my TDS TV experiences here!

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