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Make-ahead breakfasts perfect for busy weekdays: Seen on Pinterest

We're fully immersed in the school year and work is in full swing as we gear up for the busy end-of-year ... so it's easy to fall behind on our healthy breakfast routines. But save the time (and the cash) of a run through the Starbucks drive-through with these healthy make ahead breakfast treats from this week's Seen on Pinterest.
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Seen on Pinterest: Easy Filling (Yet Healthy) Fall Side Dishes

As the leaves fall and temperatures get cooler, we turn to warmer, heartier dishes to find comfort. But comfort food doesn’t always have to mean carbs, carbs, carbs. These veggie-focused side dishes use the bounty of the season to create filling, yet not fattening, side dishes for this week’s Seen on Pinterest.
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Seen on Pinterest: 15 Peanut Butter Treats to Satisfy Your Craving

It's back to school time, which has left us craving some old school PB&J pretty hard. But let's be real - peanut butter isn't just for kids. It's a decadent spread that forms a staple of our diet. Whether your nutty cravings are sweet or savory, we've got options perfect for you in this week's Seen on Pinterest.
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Six Great Makeup Tips We Learned On Pinterest

There are so many things you can learn about on Pinterest. From crafts and home decor ideas to small business inspiration—you name it, they have it. But one you may not think about is makeup tutorials. Pinterest is a great place to save, share, and sort all of the good ones—like these.
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Seen on Pinterest: 8 Creative Kale Dishes

Kale. It's the season's trendiest superfood. But this curly green veggie doesn't have to be boring. High in fiber and low in calories, Kale is full of vitamins, antioxidants and you can mix it into everything from salads to smoothies (your kids won't even know!).
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Seen On Pinterest: These Healthy Weeknight Meals Are Tried and True

Summer is a great time to use foods that are fresh from the garden or the farmer’s market—but that doesn’t mean every meal need be a salad or a smoothie. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tried-and-true takes on healthy, or at least healthier options, all of which are easy enough to whip up for a weeknight meal.
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Seen on Pinterest: 6 Tips to Make Every Home Feel Like a Beach House

Your home should be a haven - a place where you can relax and truly feel yourself. For those of us who love the warm summer months, decorating our home with "beach" or "lake" decor is a great way to create that vacation time ambiance that can help even the most overworked soul unwind. With a just a few small updates and a little "Seen on Pinterest" inspiration, you can turn your home (or at least a room) into something with coastal chic vibes that will make your friends think you've hired an interior designer.
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Seen on Pinterest: Outdoor Areas We Adore

We're rounding the corner to warm, lazy days of summer and we're very excited for long days spent outside. That's why we turned to Pinterest to make our backyards into the oasis we've always dreamed about. Check out these beautiful backyards for some serious Pin-spiration.
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Seen on Pinterest: Laundry Rooms We Love

The laundry room may be the least-loved room in the house - after all, it is nothing but a space for clothes, work, and miscellaneous odds and ends. But these "Seen on Pinterest" finds illustrate that when a laundry room is used effectively, it can be transformed from functional to fabulous.
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Seen on Pinterest: 6 Container Gardens that Scream “Spring”

We love containers - be they pretty window planters or decorative elevated beds - as a way to add flair to any garden, patio, or outdoor area. Even better? You can mix and match, adding small shrubs, herbs, or even annual flowers without the commitment of a landscaped garden.
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