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Savvy Spending: Best On-Demand Fitness Apps and Programs

Those who want to save and still stay fit without a commitment, it's time to get savvy. The fitness tapes and DVDs of old have made a comeback in the form of online streaming, apps and in home "live" memberships that allow participants the benefit of a fancy boutique workout at a fraction of the cost. Here area few of our favorite options to get fit without stretching out your wallet.
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Seen on Pinterest: Get Fit Tips

Spring is here...although in many places it sure doesn't feel like it. We've pulled together a list of fitness activities you can do at home to help jump start or revive your work-out resolutions.
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Seen On Pinterest: It’s Time To Get Fit

When we looked back through our more recent Seen on Pinterest columns, we realized something. Pinterest is an inspiring tool… more...
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