If you’ve been looking for the very best nature, science, culture, and history TV shows, you don’t have to go any further than TDS TV. Now the National Geographic Channel and National Geographic Wild are both available on the air and on TDS TV Everywhere if they’re part of your programming tier (you can find out here.)

national-geographic-channel-logoOn the National Geographic Channel, part of TDS TV’s Expanded channel line-up, watch for shows such as:

Wicked Tuna: follow a group of Gloucester, Massachusetts fisherman as they use a rod and reel to catch Bluefin tuna—worth up to $20,000 a piece.
Street Genius: Tim Shaw amazes and dumfounds audiences with his own kind of show where he reveals the science behind his jaw-dropping demonstrations.
Life Below Zero: in this series, seven people struggle to survive in the rugged landscape of Alaska. They have to battle loneliness, limited resources and more to live.
Filthy Riches: people are getting rich who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. From raising eels, bloodworms, to mushrooms and ginseng, enterprising Americans are striking it rich in a new age.
StarTalk: astrophysics superstar Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the host of StarTalk, which looks at many cosmic topics intermixed with popular culture with celebrity, scientist, and comedic guests.

And how about Yukon Gold, The Big Picture with Kal Pen, or Inside Combat Rescue? There are so many great programming options, it’s hard to choose—there’s lots here for grownups and kids alike.

National Geo WildIf you’re looking for shows about lions, tigers, and bears—and more—Nat Geo Wild is what you want (part of TDS TV’s Expanded Plus lineup). This network is devoted to programming about natural wildlife and exotic animals with popular shows like:

Cesar 911: Cesar Millan, the world’s most famous dog behaviorist, takes emergency calls about out-of-control dogs and helps restore order.
Animals Gone Wild: from tigers to sharks, this series showcases the animal world at its most rough, rowdy, and lawless.
The Truth about Cats: using the latest GPS, cat-cams, x-rays, and more, this series exposes all the ways that cats adapt, interact, and behave when they’re not around humans.
Everything You Didn’t Know About Animals: learn surprising, entertaining, and informative facts about animals—many you probably didn’t know.
Aloha Vet: watch Dr. Scott Sims care of the animals big and small on the island of Kauai.

How to get to TDS TV Everywhere shows:

    • 1. Go to


    • o to access all the TV Everywhere content, or download the corresponding channel app (if there is one).


    • 2. Click the program you want to watch.


    3. Enter your TDS username and password to authenticate that you have access to the content.

You can also visit the National Geographic Channel website or the Nat Geo Wild website and search for full episodes. You’ll have to select TDS as your provider, and then enter your TDS username and password.

Happy watching!

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