Ride Along

What’s New on TV: “Philomena,” “Walter Mitty” and “Ride Along” highlight new films

TDS' Movies on Demand bring viewers a nice variety of titles this week, including several critically acclaimed dramas, a box office hit comedy, a family flick about a errant squirrel, and a holiday-themed musical.
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Is your Facebook activity causing more harm than good?

It's a good question, and one to consider not only about yourself, but also relative to your kids. There have been a number of high-profile news stories lately that underline the need to be careful with your online reputation.
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Volunteer and give back

It’s National Volunteer Week! Volunteering is a great way to get involved with an organization whose mission is important to you. In fact, TDS employees are encouraged to volunteer in our communities—we even give each employee 16 hours of paid time off every year to get involved and give back. Find out more about our efforts and tell us how you give back.
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Consumer alert: Heartbleed bug a security risk

Consumer alert: yesterday it was announced that just over half of all websites (including popular sites such as Yahoo!, Flickr and more) were vulnerable to the Heartbleed encryption bug. This bug could have allowed attackers to read encrypted data including credit card or password information located on website servers for the last two years. Find out what you can do.
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turner hall_cropped

In the spotlight: Monroe, Wisconsin

Monroe, Wis. is the Swiss cheese capital of the United States. In fact, this TDS community is the only place in the U.S. where Limburger cheese and 180-pound wheels of traditional Emmentaler Swiss are still produced. Find out more about this community and their very special (and "cheesy") celebration.
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7 things to do if you’re going to keep using Windows XP after today

Microsoft will end its support for the world’s second most popular operating system today. F-Secure offers seven tips for avoiding trouble if you're going to continue to use Microsoft XP.
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amazon fire

Friday tech news roundup for April 4

Amazon introduces Fire TV set-top box to go against Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast. If you have a Nest Protect smoke detector, be sure to read about the new safety notice that has Nest halting sales. Check out two fun Kickstarter projects—one for halfbike, and another for a food scale that measures calories and food contents. Get tips for mastering your Gmail box (including how to unsend a message), and find out if changing fonts really would save the government $400 million dollars. Finally, find out if you're older than the barcode (and find out what they used to look like) in an interesting history of tech story.
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Five ways to get mile high entertainment

Everyone loves taking a vacation. No matter if it’s a flight to Orlando or Hawaii, there is always something to look forward to…but getting there can be a bit boring. You have a myriad of options in getting in-flight entertainment, and personally, I enjoy knocking out a couple movies on my “to watch” list when I travel. Here are a couple of great ways to watch what you want, no matter where you are:
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TDS customers can save up to 30 percent on electronics

Are you in the market for a new laptop or tablet? What about a desktop computer? If so, you’re in luck! TDS has partnered with TigerDirect.com, one of the largest online electronics retailers, to offer you a big discount: 30 percent off your order plus free shipping! Learn how to take advantage of this special discount.
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This week’s TV highlights include Rob Burgundy, a Hobbit, Dragons and Basketball

The next couple of weeks will see the conclusion of several TV stalwarts as well as the season premiere of… more...
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