Full Stream Ahead!

Whether you subscribe to the TDS TV Basic channel package, or the Expanded Plus—there always seems to be multiple things on that you want to watch. But many of us may have found ourselves in a pickle–I want to record too many things at once! Now that problem has been solved because recording options are much more plentiful. If you're on fiber, you can now record and watch four – yes you read that correctly, FOUR high definition combined streams at once (customers on copper lines now get 3 HD!)
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Seen on Pinterest: Our Favorite DIY and Craft Pins

It’s easier than ever for today’s woman (or man) to be creative and crafty, thanks to hundreds of thousands of… more...
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google glass

Weeky tech news roundup for Friday, May 16

Access 9-1-1 by text, take a peek at the latest cybernetic prosthetic arm, and find out when Flappy Bird and the iPhone 6 will make their debuts. Also, learn how to get your Xbox One Live Gold Membership refund, get the low-down on three important government rulings this week that could impact you, and we've got a video that explains whether Godzilla could really exist.
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TDS DreamBike drive 2

TDS sponsors bike drive, nets more than 50 bikes

For the second year in a row, TDS hosted a bike drive for DreamBikes. On May 9th, more than 50 used bikes were dropped off during the event, along with a number of trikes and nearly a dozen accessories (e.g. tires, seats). Find out more a and check out some photos and a video from the event.
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“Her”, season finales highlight this week on TV

May is the traditional end of season for most of the scripted shows on the major networks. The next couple… more...
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plastic_605_Wyss Institute

Weekly tech news roundup for May 9, 2014

New biodegradable plastic made from shrimp shells and silk protein coming to a store near you (maybe). Speaking of stores, Amazon and Twitter are teaming up to let you add things to your cart with a simple #hashtag. But if you're shopping, you might want to pick up a new Kohler touchless toilet (well, some parts of you have to touch, but not your hands). Also, find out why Alibaba's IPO matters, how to get your own custom perfume, and get the low-down on the Netflix price hike and Apple's newest (and biggest) acquisition.
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We all know we should and yet we stink at it—balancing work and home. The line between professional life and personal life, in many thanks to advances in technology, is becoming thinner and thinner. Staying plugged in can be a good thing for productivity, and yet, if you don’t know how to unplug from your devices and social networks, it can add a lot of stress in your life. Not to fear! PBS MediaShift has some ideas about how to disconnect with ease
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Mother’s Day ideas for any mom

It's that time of year again! Mother's Day is just days away and you might be struggling for gift ideas. Never fear—I've got you covered. I've been saving up ideas and I even crowd-sourced and gathered a few more.
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S'more Ice Cream

Seen on Pinterest: Gimme S’more (Recipes, That Is)

Summer—and warm summer nights—are just around the corner, and these recent teases of spring have left us craving a campfire favorite. Our Pinterest feed has been flooded with recipes for s'mores, that childhood classic made of graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows. But this week's "Seen on Pinterest" roundup doesn't require a campfire. These s'mores recipes take the traditional dish and elevate it into creative cakes, beautiful bars, elegant ice creams and more.
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Weekly tech news roundup for Saturday, May 3

Microsoft just unearthed (literally) the worst video game of all time, Google's self-driving cars are now even better (and has the video to prove it), and now there's a gadget that will scramble your egg in the shell. Have you tried the new Firefox yet? Read about all that's new, and if you've ever wanted an MacBook Air, there's been a price drop so now could be a good time. By the way, research shows that people haven't changed passwords after Heartbleed (but you should!!). Also, be sure to check out Nissan's self-cleaning car paint!
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