Friday tech news roundup for October 4

Breaking news today: voice actress Susan Bennett is the voice of Siri. Plus,will Scribd be the Netflix of books?, find out what's coming soon for FitBit, get reviews of the new Kindle Fire HDX and Galaxy Note 2014, check out videos of some creepy robotic tech, and take a peek at few tech gadgets coming soon.
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Starship comparison chart original-590x615

Amazing starship comparison chart

Have you seen the starship comparison chart going around the Internet this week? If you’re a sci-fi geek you should… more...
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Wait, who does what now?

In my previous blog, I shared some of the history and use of the slate in movies – something that, while used in many movies, people didn’t seem to know why. Today, I’d like to take a look at a few roles that you may have seen in the credits but had no idea what that role was all about.
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BlueRidge 2

In the Spotlight: Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge, Georgia, a TDS service area,is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountain range. Get to know this gorgeous community and find out why it's one of the most popular spots in Georgia.
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Dress for Success

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and noticed that I hadn’t worn a few particular ‘grown-up outfits’… more...
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Phishing concept

Protect yourself from Affordable Care Act phishing scams

With the Affordable Care Act going into effect tomorrow, be on the lookout for phishing scams. Cybercriminals will be trying to capitalize on the confusion surrounding the new law to find unsuspecting victims. Don't be tricked into revealing your personal or banking information. Learn how to protect yourself with 4 tips.
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Kindle Fire HDX

Friday tech news roundup for September 27

It’s been the week of the tablet—both Microsoft and Amazon announced new offerings. Also this week: Nest Labs may be revolutionizing another mundane home tech device, Evernote and 3M are pairing up to digitize sticky notes, the first edition of D&D gets re-released, see the latest cutting-edge tech products to help the disabled, plus get some tips of the week.
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151477 (2) NFL RedZone 2013

What you’re missing on channel 1

When’s the last time you visited channel 1 on your TDS TV? If you haven’t checked it out, this is… more...
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Image: American Red Cross

TDS One-A-Week Blood Donor Club saves nearly 1,100 lives

Did you know one blood donation will help save three people’s lives? Last year, the 112 TDS employees who are… more...
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Giveaway alert: Engadget is giving away 3 Nest thermostats!

I spotted a Nest thermostat giveaway on the interweb over my lunch hour—Engadget is giving away 3 thermostats (courtesy of… more...
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