salted carmel pretzel bark

Make 20-30 different holiday treats this year—bake with Melynn

Last year we shared Melynn’s technique for baking an amazing number of cookies for the holidays. Each holiday she makes 20-30 different kinds! How does she do it (and still sleep?), by planning ahead and starting early. She'll be starting her cookie prep this weekend and there's still time to follow along and have 24 different cookies by December 9th (just in time for cookie exchanges, and sharing at work and parties). Plus, Melynn shares a new recipe she's going to try for Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark.
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Friday tech news roundup for November 15

This week new products abound with the release of the new PlayStation 4, Roomba 880 vacuum, and Coin—a device that might change your wallet forever. Also, check out new renderings of Apple's new campus, learn how the iPad got it's iconic design, and get the scoop on the new Netflix interface.
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How to create and remember strong passwords

Strong passwords are more likely to keep your account and personal information safe when you're online. The tricky part is using the many recommended password do's and don'ts and remembering your passwords later. There is a way! F-Secure shares a method for creating memorable, strong passwords.
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Advisor advice: get Identity Protection

I have spoken to about a half dozen people in the past few months sharing the ANGUISH they are going through just to get their lives back in order after discovering their identity was stolen. I'd hate to go through that and I know you would too. This is why I highly recommend TDS Identity Protection to help protect your hard-earned financial resources and reputation.
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In the spotlight: Medford, Wisconsin

Medford has much to offer—after all, it’s the home of Tombstone Pizza and the gorgeous Chequamegon National Forest is nearby. But, from a TDS perspective it’s also quite unique. Medford is part of the Midway Telephone Company exchange, which was among the first 10 Wisconsin companies acquired by TDS. You could say that Medford is part of the foundation TDS was built upon.
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Friday tech news roundup for November 8

Watch a tour of the soon-to-be released Xbox One, get $200 towards a new iPad at Target (if you act fast), and learn about the new Windows tablets coming soon. Also, get ready for new Marvel universe shows on Netflix, read how Minecraft was born, and say goodbye to Blockbuster stores.
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Have an Adobe account? Here’s how to tell if it was hacked

Last month, Adobe announced that data from at least 2.9 million (yes, million) active users was stolen. Later, some reports put that number closer to 150 million. Thieves made off with encrypted credit card information and also user IDs and log-in credentials. If you've wondered if your account could have been among those breached, there's now a way to find out.
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Three movies to watch this winter

Now before you start thinking winter is nothing but a cold, white, and depressing season, remember there are some great things to watch when you are locked away in your warm house. Here are some of my favorite movies to watch—some that you may not have heard of before.
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In the spotlight: Monticello, Minnesota

As the days grow shorter and fall turns to winter, people begin to flock to Monticello, Minn., a TDS and… more...
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Consumer alert: CryptoLocker “ransomware” holds files hostage until you pay up

The FBI is alerting PC owners of a new kind of “ransomware” called CryptoLocker. Ransomware is a type a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. CryptoLocker encrypts your files and holds them hostage until you pay a ransom of several hundred dollars, typically within three days.Find out what you need to know about this latest threat and how to keep your files safe.
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