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California wildfire pushes TDS techs into action

After wildfires burned in Northern California, TDS was one of the first utility companies allowed back in the area. Not only did we check to see that phone and Internet services were working, one of our Field Services managers made sure one gentleman, who hadn't evacuated, got the food and water he needed.
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Square Cash

Friday tech news roundup for October 18

This week: an Australian start-up wants to make book deliveries by drone, Apple announces an October 22nd event, Nike releases a new FuelBand, Square Cash allows you to send cash over email, Facebook allows minors to post publicly, and the creator of Calvin & Hobbs gives a rare interview.
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How to be a savvy spender with your time

Be a savvy spender of your time, not just your money. Find efficiencies in your daily routine, such as paying bills online. It'll save you time and the cost of checks and stamps. Learn about the 8 different ways you can pay your TDS bill, including 3 time-saving (and environmentally-friendly) electronic payment options.
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In the spotlight: Oklahoma

There are many reasons to visit TDS serving areas in Oklahoma. You’ll see one-of-a-kind places, visit historic routes, and you might even catch a glimpse of some very distinctive zebra-striped clothing.
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Grants help expand high-speed Internet access

Good news! We're receiving grant funding to improve high-speed Internet service in some of the most remote areas we serve in California. We're also making big progress on our American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects in Minnesota, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.
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Friday tech news roundup for October 11

This week two kid-tacking devices made the news, read about new smartphone remote that does a lot more than just allow you to take better selfies, get the scoop on the officially-announced FitBit Force and HP Chromebook 11, learn what's new on the latest Kindle Paperwhite ereader, and check out a truly touchy-feely 3-D touchscreen.
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Lights. Camera. Action!

With high-definition services being so life-like and prevalent, you don’t need the high prices of the theater and the hassle of having travel time to see the latest movies. If you've got a TV at home, you can get virtually the same experience with TDS TV's video-on-demand store. Find out how to order a video and what movies are coming soon.
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TDS sponsors Olympic curler

TDS Employee Nicole Joraanstad is going for gold! And, TDS will be backing her throughout the upcoming trials all the way to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. For the second Olympics in a row, TDS is sponsoring Nicole and her U.S. curling team.
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Nest announces Protect smoke/CO alarm

You know how last week I told you about the new Nest smoke detector rumors out there? Well, they’re all true. Today, Nest Labs officially announced their new Protect smoke detectors and they look pretty awesome. Protect is way more than just a smoke detector and is taking the term "connected home" to a whole new level.
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Learn to listen by practicing silence

In conversation, most people will talk and spend most of their mental energy thinking only about what they are going to say next, rather than really listening to others. It's shame because active listening, where you are truly concentrating on what someone else is saying, is a powerful way to build concentration and connect with others in a meaningful way. You can learn to be a better listener by doing one simple thing—being silent for a single second.
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