Tri4Schools mudrun 1

Warming hearts and helping schools

TDS has been a proud sponsor of Tri 4 Schools (T4S) since 2011. T4S is a non-profit based in the Madison, Wis. area that puts on athletic events for kids ages 3-17. Last Saturday marked the final event of the season—a youth mud run—and TDS was proud to be there and help volunteers and watch the action.
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email subject line

Writing productive email subject lines

Writing useful emails goes beyond a simple productivity tip—communicating quickly and efficiently is the key to staying nimble in business and life. Sometimes quick communication means getting up and talking face-to-face or picking up the phone. Other times, it means putting a little more thought into your email subject line before hitting “send.” Learn five, easy to use and intuitive subject line prefixes that could potentially save you lots of time and streamline your email management process.
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Friday tech news roundup

This week: Catch up using the Ketchupp app, Apple releases new devices and new software, read two reviews of the Fitbit Force, hear rumors about YouTube and XBox One, and check out what might the smartest smart lock around. If that's not enough, take a peek at some innovative origami-inspired fast food packaging and some scary Google Map sightings.
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Cribs: TDS style

I've featured some sneak peeks into other offices such as Pinterest and Houzz, but what about TDS? While most of our office space is not uniquely compelling (I'm sure our cubes look very much like everyone else's :-)), we have some pretty cool artwork that is gradually appearing in our office buildings across the country. Come take a peek.
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Image: Douglas Wray

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…oh my!

With new social media popping up all the time, it can be hard to keep up. Lynea tells you what you need to know so you can be in the know.
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AP Photo/The Record Searchlight, Andreas Fuhrmann

California wildfire pushes TDS techs into action

After wildfires burned in Northern California, TDS was one of the first utility companies allowed back in the area. Not only did we check to see that phone and Internet services were working, one of our Field Services managers made sure one gentleman, who hadn't evacuated, got the food and water he needed.
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Square Cash

Friday tech news roundup

This week: an Australian start-up wants to make book deliveries by drone, Apple announces an October 22nd event, Nike releases a new FuelBand, Square Cash allows you to send cash over email, Facebook allows minors to post publicly, and the creator of Calvin & Hobbs gives a rare interview.
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How to be a savvy spender with your time

Be a savvy spender of your time, not just your money. Find efficiencies in your daily routine, such as paying bills online. It'll save you time and the cost of checks and stamps. Learn about the 8 different ways you can pay your TDS bill, including 3 time-saving (and environmentally-friendly) electronic payment options.
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Wyandotte dday2011alliedassault

In the spotlight: Oklahoma

There are many reasons to visit TDS serving areas in Oklahoma. You’ll see one-of-a-kind places, visit historic routes, and you might even catch a glimpse of some very distinctive zebra-striped clothing.
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Grants help expand high-speed Internet access

Good news! We're receiving grant funding to improve high-speed Internet service in some of the most remote areas we serve in California. We're also making big progress on our American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects in Minnesota, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.
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