New Year’s specials, football, series debuts highlight what’s on TV this week

The New Year offers a variety of special events, including the kicking off of the NFL playoffs and the conclusion… more...
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New Year's Resolutions_border

How to Actually Stick to Your 2014 Resolutions

As you set your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions, if you’re looking to make a change, then stop worrying about results and start worrying about your identity. Become the type of person who can achieve the things you want to achieve. Build the habit now. The results can come later.
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Top 7 posts of 2013

It just wouldn’t be a blog if we didn't have some kind of year-end wrap-up list :-). As such, we’ve gathered your favorite, and most popular, blog posts of 2013. Find out which ones made the cut!
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9 tech gifts you probably didn’t get, but you just might need

The big day has some and gone and it’s entirely possible that Santa didn’t bring you everything you wanted. In fact, there are things you maybe didn’t even think to ask for that might be just what you need (or “need,” as the case may be). Based on my experience and the input of many friends, I offer you a list of 9 items you should think about buying yourself.
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toys for tots

TDS giving efforts continue

TDS employees aren’t done with their giving efforts. Our folks have been out and about in their communities lending a helping hand and donating time and goods. Hear about our latest contributions to the communities we serve.
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Seen On Pinterest: Ring In 2014 With These Stylish New Year’s Eve Decor, Food & Party Ideas

It's hard to believe that there are only eight days left in 2013 -- my, how the year has flown. May all TDS customers and readers have a holiday filled with fun, family and festivities. This week's "Seen on Pinterest" post details some of our favorite ways to ring in the 2014 in style.
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Alternate Christmas movies for your holiday enjoyment

Everyone has their favorite movies to watch during the Christmas season. Some classics include It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and more recently, Elf. And who can forget A Christmas Story, a standard for my family – especially since it is played 24 hours straight. But have you ever thought about introducing some alternate Christmas movies into your holiday viewing? TDS employee and award-winning movie director, Kris, has some suggestions.
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house plant research

Friday tech news roundup for December 20

This week: new flat LED light bulbs, an updated Shazam app listens all the time, and research that might have you second guessing the placement of your Wi-Fi router. Also, check out a new curved-screen 105-inch 4K TV...and laugh at reviews for an 85-inch one on Amazon.
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Three weight management tips this holiday season

Eggnog, little gingerbread men cookies (or any and all of Melynn’s cookies we’ve featured here on the blog), homemade candies—these are just a few of the tempting treats that contribute to the expansion of many American’s waist lines during the holiday season. But, there is hope! We've gathered three tips we can all do to avoid packing on the pounds this year.
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Cookie platter

Bake with Melynn, the final reveal!

Monday was good day here at TDS because Melynn brought in her cookie platter—and not only did she bring one to work, she also sent one with her husband. We've got photos of the final platter of goodies she shared with her team (plus some reviews of my favorites).
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