With all the technical jargon that comes along with internet services, it can be challenging to keep everything straight. If the term symmetrical internet isn’t in your vocabulary, keep reading. We’re here to clear up the confusion and show you how it benefits you at home.

What’s it all about?

When you search the web, stream a new show, check the weather, or save a Facebook photo, you are downloading data from the internet. If, instead, you are posting to Instagram or sending an email, you are uploading data.

With an asymmetrical connection, download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. Half of the connection works great, but the other half may leave something to be desired. In contrast, if you have symmetrical internet, upload and download speeds are the same. You can do anything with your connection, regardless of whether it’s an upload function or a download function – both are equally speedy! On top of that, you can do the two simultaneously with the same fast speeds!

What are the benefits?

Symmetrical internet is one of the many features that come with TDS Fiber services. Here are the biggest ways it impacts you at home.

You can connect with friends and family easier. One of the best things about the internet is the ability to stay connected to people even if you can’t physically be with them. With apps like Facetime, Zoom, and Messenger, we can see and talk to those we love within seconds. Social media platforms like Facebook allow us to share photos and life updates. Symmetrical internet allows these communications to happen quickly and free of hassle.

Working from home is more efficient. It is likely you spent some portion of the last year working from home – maybe you still are. All those video meetings, online chats, emails, and shared documents require you to download and upload, often at the same time. For everything to work seamlessly, you need a speedy connection, and not just one with high download speeds. Symmetrical internet with faster upload speeds means your co-workers can see and hear you clearly and saving large files to the cloud doesn’t take all afternoon.

Playing online games with friends is smoother. Is game night with the guys ever ruined by a bad connection? Playing video games online with other people requires a strong connection because you are constantly sending and receiving data. Even a multiplayer mobile phone app like Words with Friends will operate faster with better upload speeds. Whatever you’re playing, with symmetrical speed, you can worry less about your connection stalling and ruining the game.

Everyday activities are quicker. So much of our daily tasks are performed online now. Do you need to send tax forms to your accountant? Do you transfer money through apps? Do you order takeout from your phone or laptop? Each of these tasks requires you to upload data so someone else can receive it. Symmetrical internet allows you to check these items off your to-do list in no time at all.

With TDS, we’ve got you covered—both in having the highest quality services and in understanding how they actually work.


TDS author: Hannah Drewieck

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