Forget curved screens, how about stretchy?
This week Samsung wowed the tech world by introducing a stretchable OLED display. Well, to be fair, it can’t go every direction—“only” two—but it will bounce back to shape when pressed or stretched up or down. Right now, it’s just a prototype, but the possibilities for using this tech on wearables is pretty huge (and let’s face it, not worrying about your kids killing your TV with an errant dart/controller/Nerf gun item is pretty appealing!) (Image: Samsung)

This the drone you’ve been looking for
For real, the Spark mini drone looks amazeballs. It’s about the size and weight of a can of soda and you don’t need an app to control it—all you need is the force! Okay, not for real, but close. You can largely use hand gestures to control it and take some great photos…and it’s only $499 (really, quite a great price!). If you don’t believe me about how cool it is, start watching here at around the 15:22 mark to see the Spark get put through its paces.

The best of low tech gaming
If you or your family loves board games, then you should check out ArsTechnica’s list of 2017’s best board game of the year shortlist.

Rabbid Magikarp
Two bits of Nintendo gaming news hit the wire this week from franchise favorites: a) leaked art shows some images from the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (including what looks like a Princess Peach rabbid!),  b) Magikarp Jump!, a new iOS and Android Pokemon game, was released this week (if you want to watch a video on the gameplay, watch it on YouTube).

The joy of bacteria-laden clothing
Check this out. MIT researchers have created clothing that helps keep you cool, thanks to humidity responsive bacteria. They open and close the vents in the clothing in response to your sweat. If they can get bacteria to do this, I think they should also make some that can clean my bathroom. Just sayin’.

Biologic from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

Can’t say we didn’t warn you
We’ve warned you before about the dangers of downloading “free” movies online. Here’s another way hackers are punishing you for doing it: malware hidden in subtitle files. Translation? DON’T DOWNLOAD MOVIES OFF THE INTERNET.

This week in iPhone 8 rumors
Seriously, you can’t escape them. If you’d like to know what the interweb is chatting about this week, check out this story about iPhone 8 connectors and this one about what they think the screen will be like.

Buh bye, patent trolls
Tech products are some of the most impacted by patent trolls—companies or people who buy rights to a patent and then make their money by suing other companies they claim are infringing on the patent. A court decision this week makes it a little bit harder for trolls to troll so hard. Rather than filing their claim where ever they want (or think they can get a favorable judgement), trolls will have to file where the company they’re suing is incorporated.

Friday fun:

  • If you’ve been interested in Apple’s new spaceship headquarters, Apple Park, you need to head to Wired. One of their reporters did a walk through, but he also takes you back in time to share the history and technology behind the building.
  • ArsTechnica rounded up some Memorial Day tech deals for you, if you’re in the market.
  • Watch the making of a REAL Wonder Woman shield. The video is 15 minutes long, but it’s an interesting geek watch
  • And speaking of geek watches, Spider-Man: Homecoming has a new trailer!

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