What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Does it match what everyone else likes in your state?

As it happens, it just might!

The team at CableTV.com took the top 20 Christmas movies ranked by American Movie Classics (AMC) and then cross-referenced it with Google Trends. They came up with a state-by-state analysis of the most popular movies in each state.

The movie that is googled more than any other Christmas movie: Home Alone (1990), followed by Elf (2003).

One interesting tidbit is that the favorite movie in four states take place in the setting as the movie or where it was filmed;

Connecticut: Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
Illinois: Home Alone (1990)
New York: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
Vermont: White Christmas (1954)

So what are people watching this Christmas season in your state?

Wisconsin loves Elf. Minnesota and Georgia customers? You’re big fans of Home Alone. Tennessee folks, you’re all about Christmas Vacation. Scrooged is what’s watched in New Hampshire. And let’s not forget It’s a Wonderful Life because we know our Indiana customers won’t!

Check out the map to see what other states are into.


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