Bacon. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

One of the things we’ve learned from spending some serious time on Pinterest? People really, really like bacon. This week in Seen on Pinterest, we highlight ten of our favorite (or the most inventive) ways we’ve seen the pork product used. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried (or plan to try) any of these ideas!


Bourbon Bacon JamWe’ve tried something similar, and it’s shockingly good with cheese.


Maple Caramel Bacon “Crack.” It’s almost as good as the Christmas toffee dessert with the saltines.


Bacon Pancakes. We’ve seen this one for awhile, and we’ll admit we had a Pinterest fail when we tried to recreate. But some friends swear by it.


Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. Breakfast in a single bite.


“Million Dollar” Bacon. Try one as a garnish for a Manhattan cocktail. You’ll thank us later.


Maple Chocolate Bacon. We could see this as a hostess gift, or possibly a dessert.


Sweet n’ Salty Bacon Cheese SticksThis seems pretty normal, but also, pretty delicious.


Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Spice up an old classic.


Bacon Salt. A great way to use leftover bacon. Sadly, we never have any leftover bacon (because we always eat it all).

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