How to stay sane and productive while working at home

iStock_000014909942LargeWorking at home is really becoming something people look for when they apply for jobs. I know the students in my classes aspire to having the flexibility to work at home. I think it’s the entrepreneurial spirit in them! They view the opportunity to work at home as a real benefit.

Of course, working at home is not without its distractions and it doesn’t always “work” for everyone. If you’re one of the lucky ones that is able to spend all or some of the time working at home, here are a few important tips for staying productive (and sane!) while working at home:

1. Define your spaces. Separate your work while you’re at home. Have a room dedicated to working and don’t just work wherever you happen to be. Set aside some space, preferably a room (it doesn’t have to be big) to be your workspace. That way, when you enter it, you know consciously what you’re there to do: go to work. It changes the state of mind from “I’m at home” to “I’m at work.” Keep it clean and tidy – just like you would in an office.

2. Don’t stay unshaven and in pajamas. Instead, have a shower, get dressed. Start your day with a proper breakfast. Then make a list of sensible tasks for the day and get started.

3. Be careful about what music you listen to while you work. Music, TV, the weather… Just about everything will influence your mood. Make sure that you surround yourself with things that will give you the best frame of mind for whatever you’re about to do.

4. Set boundaries for those around you. Schedule your work time and make sure the kids and spouse know that you are unavailable for playing, chores, etc. during this time.

5. Say thank you a lot. Figure out who the people who have helped you and your blog (or your business) the most. If you’re a blogger, that’s the readers, not the people who gave you mentions on their big blogs. The people who have given their time and energy to helping you get where you are. You owe your life from this point on to them. Make sure they know you’re grateful.

What work-at-home tips can you share?

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