When you visit your My Account customer portal, you’ll immediately notice it has a whole new look and feel.

Once you log in, you’ll see your Account overview. It’s a simple, at-a-glance dashboard where you can view all your account highlights in one place. See as much—or as little—information as you want by clicking the round button next to each section headline to collapse or expand the view.

Want more detail? Click on dark blue rectangle in each area and you’ll get more information and the ability to make changes. For example, by choosing Manage My Services you can upgrade your service. If you click Manage My Contact Preferences, you can update how and when you’d like us to contact, modify your recovery contact information, change your account PIN, and more. No matter which detailed area you’re in, look for the dark blue boxes to make edits and changes.

One more thing: don’t miss the Quick Access links on the top right of your Account Overview “home page”. These will take you to commonly-searched-for tasks and support questions.

Don’t have a TDS online Account? Go ahead and sign up today!

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