300x300 NirvanaThe internet can really be a wonderful tool. Whether you use it to catch the latest news, follow your favorite sports team, or even as your primary source of television – it serves many purposes. I really enjoy listening to music, and the easiest way to learn about new artists is you guessed it, the internet.

Amazon graciously offers discounted select albums each week for only $5 dollars. A price so low, even if you make a hasty purchase and aren’t a fan, you aren’t left feeling like you lost your puppy.

I would like to highlight an album each week, in case you’re the type of person that likes to be referred to new music, or maybe the type that simply forgets about the classics.

I decided to start today with an album from a band that changed music history. There is no doubt Nirvana highlighted an era of music that shaped a generation. In Utero was the highly anticipated follow up to Nevermind, and was released in 1993. Expectations were high to say the least, and the band came through.

For those that might be unfamiliar with Nirvana’s sound, they are the quintessential grunge band. Heavy guitar with a crazy amount of feedback, heavy drums, lyrics that make you sit back and think, and a sound that is unique to the times. This album was intending to sound especially raw, and under-produced. The band felt Nevermind was a little too polished and mainstream, and lead singer Kurt Cobain wanted an album that he’d be proud to own. Lyrically this album can be a little dark, and it certainly isn’t a record that is going to make you want to get up and dance, but it’s a solid record from start to finish. This ended up being Nirvana’s final commercial release, and since then has been suspected as foreshadowing Cobain’s suicide in 1994. I’m not sure I would buy into that theory, but I do know if this is the way we all remember Nirvana, they went out on a high note.

There are a couple songs that most of America is already familiar with. Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies ended up being commercially released singles, with the former getting huge radio play. Because of the change in style and sound, this album initially was viewed as a step down for the band, and might explain the mere 15 million copies sold worldwide, as compared to double that of their previous effort. It wasn’t until after Cobain’s death the sales began to creep up, the album got its just due, and people realized how impactful it really was. If you’re at all a fan of 90’s rock, it’s certainly worth the $5.00 price tag this week. And if you already own it, put it back on – it’s probably better than you even remember.

Top 3 Tracks:

    • 1) Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle


    • 2) Dumb


    3) Serve The Servants



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