What better way to bring the family together than a game night? You can always count on Trivial Pursuit, Uno, and Scrabble for a little friendly competition. However, playing the same games over and over again can be a bore. Fortunately, with small twists, you can bring new life to the classics. Here are seven easy ways to revamp family game night.

Messy Twister
For outdoor fun, take your Twister mat to the backyard. On each red, blue, yellow, and green circle, squeeze a blob of washable paint of the same color. The slippery paint will add an extra challenge and some color to your family game night.

TV Trivia
Game Show Network features trivia games for the whole family to watch, and now, you can play them yourself. Download the Game Show Network app or head to the website to battle your family and friends in your favorite TV show-inspired games. Whether it’s America Says, Catch 21, or Master Minds, game night will be a hit for fans of the television shows.

Creative Scrabble
Since 1933, Scrabble has been a favorite among those with large vocabularies. Add some creativity and laughter to Scrabble night by allowing players to place any “word” on the board as long as they can a) pronounce it and b) come up with a definition and example sentence to go with it.

Tasty Sorry! and Mancala
Game night is immediately elevated with the addition of snacks. Finding ways to incorporate snacks into the games makes it even better. Next time you play Sorry!, replace the game pieces with Hershey’s kisses. You can do the same playing Mancala, using skittles or M&Ms instead of marbles.

Next-level Uno
For a fresh spin on this family-favorite card game, pay attention to the numbers. Whenever someone places a card on top of a card of the same number, the other players must race to do something. The last one to do the action has to draw four cards. Switch it up by changing what players are racing to do, such as stand on one foot, shout something, or raise both hands in the air.

Reversed Trivial Pursuit and Apples to Apples
Next time you play this classic trivia game, play it Jeopardy-style by reading the answer and having the opponent come up with a fitting question. You can also play a reversed game of Apples to Apples by handing out the green cards instead of the red.

Active Jenga
Add another layer to Jenga by grabbing a permanent marker and writing actions on several blocks. Only write on one side of the wooden block and be sure to face the words toward the inside while you build the tower so no one knows where they are hidden. Whoever pulls out an action block must do it! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Run around the house twice.
  • Sing a song.
  • Crab walk to another room and back.
  • Thumb wrestle with another player.
  • Make up a poem.
  • Do the “Macarena.”

What’s your favorite game to play on game night? For a chance to win a game from the Game Show Network, comment below with your answer!*


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By Hannah Drewieck, TDS Communications Intern

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  1. The classic S C R A B B L E is always a favorite!!

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