Don’t get caught up in long lines at the party supply store this Halloween. Instead, take a DIY turn this season and try some of these creative costumes for any age. This week’s Seen on Pinterest lets you explore everything from the must-have looks from Frozen to creative couples costumes that won’t break the bank.

Here are our favorites:

  1.  Frozen. This must-watch movie will definitely be a must-have costume. Here are 20+ ideas, mostly of the DIY variety, for almost every character.
  2. Buzzfeed’s BestFrom the duo from ‘Up’ to a creative look at pop art, Buzzfeed offers creative suggestions for 30 looks you can make yourself.
  3. Raining Cats and Dogs. A creative twist on household ingredients, Parents magazine looks at 35+ easy to make costumes for kids.
  4. Cotton Candy. Lil’ Luna tracks 30+ DIY looks, including this seriously sweet cotton candy.
  5. DIY Dino Tails. Just be sure your child has plenty of room to move and play when they’re wearing these colorful tails.
  6. Couple’s Looks . Real Simple magazine also has some great ideas. We love the French Chef and Croquembouche!
  7. Totally Rad Ideas for Teachers. From a lined piece of notebook paper to a wall board, we can’t get enough of these creative ideas.
  8. All about the 90s. Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski, anyone?
  9. Pop Culture References. You can never try too hard to emulate a current pop culture reference. Here are 350 ideas to get you started.
  10. Best FriendsFrom Daria to Dumb & Dumber, you’ll find iconic film and screen looks galore in this roundup.

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