Friday tech news roundup for July 12

This week’s roundup includes some Internet nostalgia, a Facebook Graph Search warning, a CES tech gadget for under $10, and more.

32 Things that will make you miss the old days of the Internet….or not
The always amusing BuzzFeed pulled together a fun list that will make you smile. Included are things such as the flying toaster screensaver, the MS Office paper clip, and AOL CDs. I think #22 is my personal favorite though. Soooo true!

Secret Bitcoin mining colony?
If you’ve been following Bitcoin news (you remember that Barclay told you about them in his blog a few weeks ago), you might find this story interesting. Someone at a gaming company was fired for turning the company’s software into a secret Bitcoin-mining Trojan. Crazy, huh?

Be warned: Facebook’s new “Graph Search” can reveal embarrassing stuff

As reported here and other places, the new Graph Search makes it super easy to find information about people…sometimes too much information. It’s an important reminder to make sure you’ve got your settings locked down. Go to “who can see my stuff” under the privacy settings.

blue-the-nestTech gadget (and potential stocking stuffer) for cheap

I spotted a good deal on CNET this week. They have a coupon code going for the Nest Earbud Case (which was apparently at CES this year). It looks pretty slick and it comes in a bunch of fun colors. Since it’s only $9.99 I think I pick up some up for stocking stuffers for my kids (after all, Christmas is only 165 days away! [sorry]). The deal runs through July 16 so you still have a few days to order.

What’s up with your WiFi?
Josh, our new blogger might know. He’s a tech (and comic book) guru and on Monday he talked about the three most common WiFi issues. Josh will be offering tech tips every Monday so be sure to come back next week.

cakewreck3Finally, although it’s not strictly tech news, I can’t resist telling you about a website that made me laugh out loud this week. Maybe you have known about for a while, but I just discovered after talking with a coworker about baby shower cakes. It has been mentally added to my list of sites I can go to if I need a cheer up (like Catalog Living). Enjoy!

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