You’ve been waiting all summer, but now it’s almost here—the kickoff to football season! Even better, your patience is being rewarded with a free preview of NFL RedZone so you can get into the action now.

You’ll have not one but FOUR chances to give it a try, including the first Sunday of the regular season! Your sneak peek at NFL RedZone will take you from game to game so you never miss a moment.

Here’s when to watch:

  • Thursday, August 18 (from approximately 8:00pm ET to approximately 11:00pm ET)
  • Saturday, August 27 (from approximately 7:30pm ET to approximately 10:30pm ET)
  • Thursday, September 1 (from approximately 7:00pm ET to approximately 11:00pm ET)
  • Sunday September 11 (from approximately 1:00pm ET to approximately 7:30pm ET)

Here’s where to watch:

  • Channel 700 in SD
  • Channel 1700 in HD

Whether you’re a die-hard, a fantasy player, or just a fan of the game, NFL RedZone is for you. (Heck, even if you’re not a huge fan, but want to catch all the key moments so you can talk with your coworkers on Monday, NFL RedZone is for you!).

After you give it a try, call 1-866-44-TDSTV to order NFL RedZone for $42.99 for the entire season.

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