Community Connections: holiday lights, Frostbite Days, and raking for MOM

​Even though the holidays are fast approaching, employees from TDS are still finding time to volunteer and help their communities. From hanging holiday lights, to doing yard work for those in need and organizing community events, employees are making it happen.

Deposit volunteer effortsHanging holiday lights in Deposit, New York
On November 5, TDS employees in Deposit, New York worked together to hang holiday lights for the Village. They placed over 50 decorations, wreaths, and stars for area residents to enjoy. All the employees participate—if not by hanging decorations, then by handling the trouble and service orders for those who were. This employee volunteer effort has been a long-standing tradition for years.

TDS sponsors the 2015 Frostbite Days Medallion Design Contest
TDS and the Monticello Times newspaper cosponsored the Medallion Hunt Design contest for the upcoming 2015 Frostbite Days celebration in Monticello, Minnesota. The six-day festival begins in early January and one of the most popular events is the Medallion Hunt. TDS’ Sue Corteau, Associate Manager of Field Marketing, spearheaded the effort to “kick the hunt up a notch” a few years ago by making the design of the medallion a contest. Last year Monticello’s elementary school students were asked to submit their ideas. This year the contest became part of the high school art curriculum.

The winner of the 2015 medallion design contest

2015 medallion design contest winner Jess O.

The design had to show something from a Monticello winter and/or the Frostbite Days event. The art teacher used the contest to help kids develop pen skills (and has already asked to have the kids participate next year!). There were 37 entries from students and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a prize pack from TDS at the Frostbite Days Kick-off Party on January 9th. TDS will also award the person who finds the medallion a prize pack at that event.

Sue says, “Kids get involved, parents get involved, businesses get involved—the entire community comes together. It’s way more than just a medallion hunt.”

Raking for MOM
TDS’ Matt Ivens recently gathered his fellow Commercial Account Managers and headed to Middleton, Wisconsin to do some yard work on behalf of MOM. MOM is a non-profit group that provides food, clothing, housing assistance, and special services for those in need.

They took care of four lawns by raking and hauling leaves to the curb, cutting down some bushes and brush, and cleaning out some gutters. If that wasn’t enough, they also helped hang some holiday lights.

Matt said, “All in all it was a great time.”

MOM volunteers


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