We spotted an article in OSP Magazine we wanted to make sure you knew about. In the latest issue, a Senior Technical Recruiter offers 5 tips getting a job in telecom. The author suggests making sure your resume includes:

1. A description of the specific projects you have worked on.
2. A concise, well-written outline of the job responsibilities for each position on your resume.
3. All recent and relevant post-secondary training, education, and certifications.
4. Key industry terms and phrases.
5. A list of any Telecom tools, equipment, or software you already own.

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There is lots of other helpful information in the article so be sure to check it out. And, don’t forget that TDS’ Dr. Lynea LaVoy recently shared her expert tips for improving your resume.

Now that your resume is in fantastic shape, we know exactly where you can send it—to us! TDS is looking for good people to fill a variety of open positions. Be sure to check out our careers page for our current job opportunities.


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